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The human rights activist has told about problems of the anti-fascist movement - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. Activists of the international human rights movement The World without Nazism cause negative reaction in the address in Europe, besides, the association existing in 56 countries of the world isn't supported by their government, the president of the movement Boris has told in an interview of RIA Novosti Spiegel. The movement "The World without Nazism" is created in Kiev on June 22, 2010. The organization is the international human rights movement which forms public opinion in the direction of support of anti-Nazi political moods in the different countries of the world. Today offices of the organization are in 56 countries, including in Bulgaria, in Ukraine, in the USA, France, Germany. "Activists of our movement cause negative reaction in the address. For example, the head of the Ukrainian office of the Ukraine without Nazism organization after holding an anti-Nazi meeting — counter carried out in Kiev Nazi — has been arrested for 60 days. Our organization is forbidden in Ukraine" — Spiegel has told. As has noted Spiegel, the regional authorities in Bulgaria refuse to hold events of the organization, being afraid of reaction of the government. The head of office of The World without Nazism in Lithuania had to refuse the post and to leave the organization. In Estonia, according to Spiegel, activists of the movement are put in prison. One of them have deprived of the Estonian citizenship, have discharged another from office. "But, despite such situation, people come to our organization, they want to work in the direction of fight against fascism" — Spiegel has told. At the same time he has noted that today the movement at the government level is supported by no one from member countries. The World without Nazism does a lot of work, but suddenly today it became not demanded. Despite it, the organization exists, and on November 3 in Moscow there has taken place the congress of her General Assembly" — Spiegel has told. As he has noted, in eight years of the existence The World without Nazism has made much. According to him, activists have prevented in 2010 the Lukovsky march in Bulgaria. This torch procession Bulgarian far right, devoted to memory of the general Hristo Lukov, it is held every February since 2003. This general in 1932-1938 headed the Union of the Bulgarian national legions. In memory of Lukov extreme nationalists and neo-fascists not only Bulgaria, but also the world annually gather for a procession. "Also we have published "The white book of Nazism" — a research in which the probability of revival of fascism in this or that country is presented in points. In the book the comparative analysis of this phenomenon over 18 countries of Europe for the first time is given that has allowed us to make also for the first time the corresponding rating of neo-Nazi threat" — Spiegel has told. He has reported that the initiative group of young human rights activists anti-fascists in structure of The World without Nazism at a conference in Strasbourg in 2015 has announced creation of youth office of the organization — "Youth league". Delegations of 15 countries, including from Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and other countries have participated in a conference. "What kasat



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