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"The hostage at criminals against humanity". Experts about Vyshinsky's business - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

Andrey Anoshin, Fedor Tikhy, Andrey Lubensky Today, on August 24, is executed 100 days from the date of arrest of the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine of Kirill Vyshinsky. The Ukrainian experts have told the Украина.Ру edition that they think of "Vyshinsky's business". In the morning on May 15, 2018 security service specialists of Ukraine (SSU) have carried out searches at editorial offices in Kiev and in apartments at some journalists. Vyshinsky was detained on a charge of treason and support of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass. Threatens him up to 15 years of imprisonment. © to Pass the RIA Novosti / Stringer into an image bank of V OP called Vyshinsky the hostage of rating Poroshenkoseychas Vyshinsky is in the pre-trial detention center of the city of Kherson, the court has chosen for him as a measure of restraint detention without a possibility of bail. On the nineteenth of July the Kherson city court has arrested Vyshinsky's property. On the sixth of August to the journalist have prolonged the term of detention till September 8. As the representative of the MFA Maria Zakharova has reported, deny to the Russian consular employees access to the detainee having as well the Russian passport. Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has said that Vyshinsky was arrested "for his direct professional activity, for implementation of his journalistic function", and has emphasized that Vyshinsky's arrest — "absolutely unprecedented and absolutely inadmissible policy of today's Ukrainian governors". © to Pass the RIA Novosti / Stringer into an image bank the European federation of journalists insists on release of Vyshinskogoya I won't be original. Vyshinsky's arrest is a deliberate action of taking of the hostage in hope that he holds quite high position that for the sake of him Moscow will close eyes to all the principles and will exchange him for Sentsov. There are no serious reasons to pursue him under article "for high treason" — it is simply ridiculous. And all this is perfectly understood. And it will be shown still to today's team — when it loses the power — as crime against humanity. Recorded, obvious to all. I am sure: all who are involved in it including judges, people from law-enforcement system who promoted this business, will be brought to trial under the article "Crime against Humanity" sooner or later. We see that the situation wasn't resolved, Kirill Vyshinsky isn't released. In my opinion, in charges which to him are brought there isn't enough faktazh, there isn't enough evidential essence. Or they aren't shown by the investigation, these charges, aren't open for public so far. Or, perhaps, they are absent. © the RIA Novosti / Stringer to Pass the Russian Embassy into an image bank Vyshinskogok to a regret, this business — especially political renders assistance to representatives of protection. It is one of the most difficult situations around journalists for the last four years. It seems to me, in the circumstances both the holding RIA Novosti, and the Russian State could make more efforts for Kirill Vyshinsky's release. Actually Kirill Vyshinsky is taken hostage. What is imputed to him, any gate



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