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The head of the Russian company called sanctions of the USA "pulling of old linen" - RIA Novosti, 8/16/2018

VLADIVOSTOK, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Zadyora. The CEO of LLC Profinet Vasily Kolchanov against whom the USA has imposed sanctions called actions of Washington "pulling of old linen". © AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin the U. S. Congress has published the bill on new to the sanktsiyamnakanena of the USA have entered in the sanctions list the Russian LLC Profinet and its CEO Vasily Kolchanov because of cooperation with DPRK. As approves the American Ministry of Finance, the company not less than six times has served in port of court under the flag of DPRK, including being under sanctions. Also the company was accused that it continued to offer the bunkering services for North Korean vessels after imposition of sanctions on oil supply to Pyongyang. "There lies about sanctions vessels. At them it is written about two tankers (from DPRK. — Editor's note). Sanctions are appointed in September, and steamships have left in July. They have staid month. Oil depot ("The independent oil and gas company" — the Editor's note) I didn't give them freight. And our business — to issue arrival withdrawal with frontier guards and customs. This our work. To sell fuel — not we, to buy fuel — not we" — Kolchanov has told RIA Novosti. According to him, after imposition of sanctions to oil supply North Korean tankers didn't come in Russia.© to Pass RIA Novosti / Alexey Agaryshev into an image bank Administration of the USA will submit the list of the litskolchan "connected" with the Russian intelligence considers that the sanctions policy will very badly affect work of the company and will frighten off partners. "They will affect that those who worked with us, will be afraid to work with us. They will be afraid of Americans" — he has noted. The CEO admitted that he doesn't know how to challenge the decision of Washington, and has hoped to the aid the states. At the same time he has confirmed that Profinet continues to work with vessels from DPRK as it isn't forbidden. "Five pieces small, on 40 meters come. Same not those vessels about which they write (the U.S. Department of the Treasury — the Editor's note) and small refrigerators which take food. Here I have now left — candies I have taken also vegetable oil and I have gone. They take only food now: that milk, oil. What is authorized. We know what freights sanctions. The children's bicycle can't be taken out. Even weights are impossible which train" — I have told Quivers.© of RIA Novosti of the MFA has criticized the USA for intention to keep pressure on КНДРПо given the website of the company, LLC Profinet has been founded in April, 2002 and is engaged in "the auxiliary activity connected with the marine transport". At the beginning of August of the USA within measures concerning DPRK have introduced restrictions against the Russian bank "Agrosoyuz". The American Ministry of Finance has explained such step with violation of a sanctions regime across DPRK and "the long relations" of bank with North Korea. Also the Chinese company Dandong Zhongsheng Industry & Trade and the North Korean company Korea Ungum Corporation were included in the list. On the tenth of August Moscow has blocked the American application in committee of UNSC on DPRK about inclusion in the sanctions list new physical and ю



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