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The head of PMC of Priamurye has postponed a visit to Tsepovyaz's colony - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, 9 Oct — RIA Novosti. The chairman of the public monitoring commission (PMC) of the Amur region Natalya Okhotnikova has reported to RIA Novosti that she couldn't reach because of bad weather maximum security penal colony in the village Srednebelaya of the Amur region to check what conditions contain Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz serving sentence on the case of massacre in the village Kuschevskaya.© RIA Novosti / Tatyana Kuznetsova to Pass into an image bank the Lawyer Strishney called original photos of "menu" Tsepovyazarany a number of media has published photos in which the condemned Tsepovyaz poses in a prison uniform with the mobile phone in hands, and on a table at him food not from the prison menu, for example, crabs, a shish kebab and red caviar. After that in colony with check the prosecutor's office of the Amur region has left. The official representative of SK of Russia Svetlana Petrenko has reported that investigators have opened criminal case about abuse of authority concerning the staff of colony. In OFPS across the Amur region RIA Novosti have reported that Tsepovyaz is placed in ShIZO for violation of a daily routine. Okhotnikova on Friday has reported to RIA Novosti that Tsepovyaz contains in usual conditions, and in media "incorrect information is started up", the chairman of PMC on Friday has left in Srednebeluyu that "to record conditions of keeping", but RIA Novosti / Tatyana Kuznetsova couldn't reach colony because of bad weather.© to Pass into an image bank of the Photo of Tsepovyaz with crabs security officers were transferred by his ex-wife "Left, couldn't reach because of weather (in Priamurye on Friday a sleet, the road situation is complicated), we plan to go tomorrow" — Okhotnikova has told. The leader of Kushchevskaya OCG Sergey Tsapok and members of his gang were condemned for murder of 12 people in the village Kuschevskaya in the fall of 2010. This crime is considered one of the loudest in modern history of Russia. Tsapok has been condemned for life, but has died of a disease on the night of July 7, 2014 in the pre-trial detention center where he expected consideration of the complaint to a sentence.



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