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The head of HRC has assumed that Tsepovyaz's photos from colony can be a fake - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

The chairman of the board under the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov. Archival photo
MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. The head of HRC Mikhail Fedotov has said that photos of "beautiful life" of Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz sentenced to 20 years of maximum security penal colony on the case of massacre in the village of Kuschevskaya which are posted online can be "photoshopped image". © Photo: Tsepovyaz's was placed in a penalty izolyatorrany a number of media has published photos in which Tsepovyaz poses in a prison uniform with the mobile phone in hands, and on a table at him food not from the prison menu, for example, crabs, a shish kebab and red caviar. The lawyer Tsepovyaza Elbrus Murtazov has reported to RIA Novosti earlier that to the convict came in the first half of 2018 from OFPS and interviewed him concerning these photos. According to the lawyer, confirmation that the photo has been made in the territory of colony and that Tsepovyaz is represented there, it hasn't been found. The agency has no comments of OFPS confirming the statement of the lawyer Tsepovyaz yet. "During an era of fake news it is impossible to exclude also that it was computer "photoshopped image". It is sure that the prosecutor's office and FSIN will check it" — Fedotov has said in an interview to the Izvestia newspaper, commenting on intention of the lawyer Tsepovyaz to submit a claim for slander. At the same time the head of HRC has emphasized that use of the mobile phone by the convict is a rough and demonstrative violation of the law. "If the convict had had a means of mobile communication — it hasn't by air arrived there, and someone has carried by him there. And it already crime. FSIN and prosecutor's office correctly do that carry out an inspection on this case" — Fedotov has noted. He has added that the HRC will be tracked results of check.© by RIA Novosti / Tatyana Kuznetsova to Pass into Tsepovyaz's image bank have deprived of thanks from the management колонииВ Thursday the official representative of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation Alexander Kurennoy has reported that conditions for systematic violation of the duties by him and the bans imposed by the law have been created to Tsepovyaz. It was expressed as granting to him expensive products, unreasonable additional long and short-term appointments, an opportunity to freely use phone and also to meet the other persons serving sentence in establishment. The leader of Kushchevskaya OCG Sergey Tsapok and members of his gang, including Tsepovyaz, have condemned for murder of 12 people in the village Kuschevskaya in the fall of 2010. This crime is considered one of the loudest in modern history of Russia. Tsapok has been condemned for life, but has died of a disease on the night of July 7, 2014 in the pre-trial detention center where he expected consideration of the complaint to a sentence.



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