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The Greek consulate without explanations has refused to priests of ROC visas - RIA Novosti, 8/7/2018

MOSCOW, 7 Aug — RIA Novosti. Several priests of ROC have said that they have refused to them obtaining the Greek visa without explanation. They consider that it is connected with a complication of diplomatic relations between Russia and Greece.© AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza Greece has accused the MFA of Russia of "constant disrespect"" at the beginning of a year we with family have bought a tour. There was a wish to show to kids Athos from the sea. Well and of course, latently there was desire to spend couple of days on the Sacred mountain. We have filed documents on the Schengen visa on all family. I, mother and six children, to one of them three years. The mother and children were given the visa at once, and here to me the refusal has come — like, there are no justifications of stay in the territory of Greece. In spite of the fact that the ticket is bought and a tour is completely paid" — the prior of Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh on the Hodynsky field archpriest Vasily Biksey has told RIA Novosti. He has explained that he filed documents to consulate of Greece twice: at first through tour operator, three and a half weeks ago, and then independently — two and a half weeks ago. © RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass into an image bank Schengen in four days: different странОн has noted new rules of obtaining visas that his case is not the first and it knows about similar stories of other priests — to someone from them or haven't given the visa at all, or with a delay. The former head of the patriarchal press service, the famous church publicist archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky have paid attention to the same problem. He has sent the letter to the ambassador of Greece in Russia Andreas Friganos in whom he has stated the history: "All we visited your beautiful country about 15 times — participated in scientific conferences, book fairs, went on pilgrimage, had a rest, communicated with close friends who personally invited us to themselves. This time in several days after delivery of documents I was called from consulate and have asked whether the truth I am a priest (in a pack of documents there was a reference that I am a prior of the temple of the Martyr Tatiana at MSU). I have told that I it so, and have added that we go to the island of Crete".© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov to Pass the Source into an image bank: Greece didn't want information leakage about a dipkonflikta with Rossiyeypo to his words, on May 25 in the visa center his family has received passports with visas — "the wife was given for three years, and me — only for a month". "I have asked the girl who issued us passports: why so? The girl has answered: in vain you have written that you the priest — if have written that you the pensioner, then would give for three years" — Vigilyansky provides the text of the letter to the Greek ambassador on the page in Facebook. In the same place the priest has specified that the letter remained without answer. "Many Russian priests have responded in comments that the same story has happened to them for the last half a year: gave the visa for a week, for two weeks, at most for a month" — Vigilyansky has noted. In July Greece has accused Russia of attempts of undermining her national security and has turned out two Russian diplomats. Have forbidden two more employees entry into the country. At the same time the official in the Greek government has told RIA of N



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