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The General Staff told about reaction of Moscow in case of cancellation of the INF Treaty - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. In case of cancellation of the Contract on restriction of intermediate-range and short-range missiles (INF Treaty) with the potential purposes of retaliation of Russia there will be countries which placed with themselves the American rockets, the chief of the General Staff of the Russian VS general Valery Gerasimov.© of AFP 2018/John Thys Military expert told foreign military attaches: should not put forward ultimatums under the INF Treaty СШАШаги Washington will be left without answer, he added. According to him, activity of the American authorities is destructive and aimed at "deduction of the dominating role in the world and an exception of other countries of competition". For this purpose Washington and its allies take measures for control of Russia and discredit of its role in the international affairs, Gerasimov added. Besides, the general announced growth of presence of NATO at the Russian borders again. "In the East European states the number of divisions of forces of priority involvement increases, elements of missile defense are under construction, the advanced airfields are prepared, the logistics of cross-border military transportations is improved, the system of preliminary warehousing of arms and property is created" — he told. Because of it as Gerasimov noted, Russia undertakes all necessary countermeasures for ensuring military safety.© of AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite "A gift for Russia": the U.S. Senate commented on an exit from ДРСМДТак, for example, at borders of the country created the continuous radar field. "The guaranteed detection of ballistic missiles from all raketoopasny directions and on any types of trajectories of their flight is provided" — the military emphasized. According to the general, now emphasis in training of Armed forces is placed on opposition to the hi-tech opponent possessing the latest weapon and aircraft. "We learn troops of a message fighting <…> in the conditions of maintaining to them (the opponent. — Editor's note) all types of investigation and radio-electronic influence, massive application of aircraft and precision weapons" — Gerasimov.© concluded AFP 2018/Nicholas Kamm the Expert commented on promotion of the USA of the ultimatum on ДРСМДРанее Trump declared that the United States intend to leave the INF Treaty signed in 1987, for the reason, that Russia, according to him, violates arrangements. In turn, in the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the United States place on the land (on military base in Romania and also in Poland) the installations capable to launch shock cruise "Tomahawk" missiles that is forbidden by the contract.



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