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The founder of ruling party in Italy imprisonment - RIA Novosti, threatens 9/27/2018

ROME, 27 Sep — RIA Novosti, Sergey Startsev. The founder and the former leader of the political party "Liga" ruling nowadays in Italy senator Humberto Bossi will be sent to jail in pursuance of the final decision of the court which has sentenced him by one year and 15 days of imprisonment for insult of the president of Italy; such decision was published late at night on Wednesday by prosecutor's office of the North Italian province of Breshiya.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf Pereyti in an image bank the Court in Italy has decided to confiscate 49 million euros from party "Liga" At the same time the prosecutor's office has issued the resolution according to which execution of this punishment temporarily stops. It agrees to the legislation existing in Italy the seriously ill 77-year-old politician has from now on at the order 30 days officially to ask about imprisonment replacement with alternative punishment. In particular, the speech can go about execution of public works as it was in a case with the being prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to four years of prison. Besides, Bossi can ask to replace to him imprisonment with house arrest or even to postpone execution of the decision on imprisonment for indefinite time. If the politician doesn't make the corresponding request, the decision on his detention will automatically come into force. Have sentenced to imprisonment of Bossi for insult of the president of Italy Giorgio Napolitano during one of party meetings in December, 2011. Then, still being the federal secretary of Liga, Bossi publicly called the head of state a swear word. Moreover, he has accompanied insult with widely known gesture of "horn" which in Southern Europe is considered a dirty hint on the fact that the one to whom this gesture is addressed is a cuckold. Ordinary citizens who have seen in an event mockery over the president of the republic who, according to the constitution of Italy "represents national unity" have filed a petition for unworthy behavior of the famous politician in judicial authorities. In September, 2015 the court of the city of Bergamo has found Bossi guilty of insult of honor and dignity of the president of Italy and has sentenced him to one and a half years of imprisonment. In January, 2017 the Court of Appeal of Brescia has confirmed a conviction, having reduced punishment term to one year 15 days of prison. On September 12 the Supreme Court of cassation of Italy has approved this decision, having put the end to this trial. © Fotolia/Michele Gualano have sentenced the Former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy to a year tyurmyprimechatelno that at the beginning of last week lawyers of Liga have reached the agreement with prosecutor's office on a payment order in state treasury of 49 million euros which have been illegally appropriated earlier by Bossi and his immediate environment from public foundations on financing of political parties. The juicy scandal in this regard has run high on the Apennines seven years ago. In July, 2017 the court of Genoa has sentenced Bossi to 2,5 years of imprisonment for large-scale fraud. According to prosecutor's office, only in 2008-2010 hands



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