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The forum "Favor" will bring together in Moscow 1,5 thousand active believers - RIA Novosti, 11/6/2018

MOSCOW, 6 Nov — RIA Novosti, Sergey Stefanov. The first Forum of active laymen "Favor" will bring together on November 14 in Moscow 1,5 thousand active orthodox people for discussion of topical issues of spiritual and social life of the modern Christian, organizers and participants at the event have reported on Tuesday at a press conference. © Photo: the monk Makari (Semenyuk) "Priests go in laymen": what happens to an orthodox mission in Aziivystupayushchiye on a forum which will take place in the Columned hall of the House of the Unions — the famous ecclesiastics, businessmen, public and cultural figures — will share the personal experience, including in the sphere of realization large charitable, social and business projects. "This absolutely unique action: thousands of not indifferent people will gather to hear each other, to share experience of the life, experience of creation first of all" — the CEO of TV channel has told Boris Korchevnikov "Has saved". According to him, among myths about Church which a part should be heard — statements about her "neotmirnost", that is when orthodox believers are accused of a passive position in relation to "the current agenda". "Not so, and the forum "Favor" is just a meeting of those people to whom very much not all the same which want to participate actively in today's life, in creation — in any business where they were, on any position in society — and at the same time to remain open, orthodox Christians; all that puts in us the Gospel to show and realize in life" — Korchevnikov has added. The Comissioner for the President of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova has in turn reported that her performance at a forum will be devoted to questions of education of children and family life. "Everything, as for children, concerns each of us. All of us are with you or we have children, or today's children, or we understand that we will have them soon. Therefore children are about the future, and about the future all need to argue together … And than this dialogue, than it more personal is brighter, especially decisions will be exact" — I have told Kuznetsov.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank Kuznetsova has told about a role of researches in safety of a deteyann Kuznetsova — the spouse of the priest Alexey Kuznetsova, mother of six children. She has hoped that "such personal contact" as she at a forum, "will be more in our century of information technologies". "There is a settled stereotype that the Church is a hierarchy and when speak about Church, mean priests, bishops, and the real role and activity of laymen isn't taken into account" — the head of Synod department of relationship of Church with society and media Vladimir Legoyda has noticed in return. According to him, the main issue which the person has to set to himself when he is interested that has made Church — if he considers himself the member of Church, is "what I have made to help the homeless, aged, youth and so on". He has cited as an example the personal experience when in the mid-nineties, in the conditions of an acute shortage of circuses



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