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The Foreign Minister of Italy has greeted the truce in Libya - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

ROME, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. The Foreign Minister of Italy Enzo Moavero-Milanesi considers "very positive the first news" reports department.© of AFP 2018/Andreas Solaro of Conte about the truce reached by participants of armed conflict in the Libyan capital of Tripoli has noted importance of stabilization of a situation in Libya for Italy" It is about the important and significant agreement which provides other various measures aimed at providing bigger safety in the capital including opening of the civil airport" — it is noted in the message. Participants of armed conflict in Tripoli have concluded the armistice agreement, the UN peacekeeping mission for support in Libya (UNSMIL/MOONPL) has reported on Tuesday evening. It has been reached under the auspices of the head of UNSMIL Hasan Salame. The parties of truce have agreed to finish hostile actions, to protect the civilian population, a public and private property and also to open the Mitiga airport. Earlier Moavero has discussed a new round of crisis in Libya with the UN special envoy Hasan Salame and with the head of the government of national consent Fayez Sarradzhem. The Italian minister has assured of a conversation with the last that his country "supports all efforts, the and the international community, on development of dialogue and process of reconciliation for overcoming the current crisis". The MFA has also noted that safety which is a preliminary condition for elections and also questions of reconciliation and respect of human rights will become a priority subject of a conference on Libya. On Monday the Italian authorities have disproved a possibility of military intervention in Libya. As the Minister of Defence of Italy Elisabetta of Trent has reported, "military operations in response to collisions aren't considered at all". On Sunday a certain Arabic TV channel has reported about closing of Embassy of Italy in Tripoli and evacuation of personnel for safety reasons. The diplomatic mission has stated that it continues work, however the Italian mass media with reference to sources in diplomatic circles have reported that a part of employees after all has been taken out together with employees of the Italian companies in Libya. Collisions between the contradictory armed groups have begun in Tripoli on August 26. Members of the so-called "Seventh infantry brigade" carrying itself to the Ministry of Defence of Libya created by the government of national consent participate in the conflict on the one hand. Practically all fighters of crew are natives of the city of the Tarhun located in several tens kilometers to the southeast from Tripoli. Fighters from Estragons are resisted by the groups calling themselves "Suar Tripoli" (Tripoli's revolutionaries) who are formally entering into the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the government of national consent. Members "Suar Tripoli" are natives of the Libyan capital. During fights residential areas of the city are exposed to massive shellings.



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