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The following five-years period will be record-breaking hot, scientists - RIA Novosti, warn 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — RIA Novosti. The abnormal heat and warm winters will dominate on Earth for the next five years, the climatologists who have published article in the Nature Communications.© AP Photo/Manish Swarup magazine Scientists say: the abnormal summer heat will affect 74% of the population of Earth by 2100 "our climatic model shows that abnormally high temperatures of air will remain same at least for the next five years, and for sea temperatures this trend will be longer" — scientists have said. So-called extreme weather events — the periods of an abnormal heat in the winter or cold weather in the summer, the heat waves, week pouring rains, droughts and other phenomena connected with the "wrong" weather are considered as one of consequences of global warming. For example, a flood in Krymsk in 2012 and a summer heat in Russia in 2010 are considered as one of the most striking examples of the similar phenomena today. Frequency of the similar phenomena in the future will only grow in process of further development of global warming, and they will cover the increasing territories. It will bring as show calculations of the western climatologists, to sharp increase in mortality — each "excess" degree of a heat will raise number of the died people for five percent in the summer. Florian Sevellec from the University of Brest (France) and Sybren Drijfhout from Meteorological institute of the Netherlands, checking work of a new technique of a miscalculation of climatic fluctuations, have come to a conclusion that the abnormal summer heat and warm winters will dominate on Earth at least five more years. This system as scientists explain, differs from other climatic models in the fact that it is constructed on the basis of the mathematical principles used for a miscalculation of behavior of liquids, rocks and various quantum processes. © AP Photo/David J. Phillip Scientists have found out that has caused floods to the USA and a heat in Russia in 2015 годуВ difference from classical theories, it allows to predict not only the general trends and to calculate average temperatures, but also to calculate probability of emergence of various extreme scenarios, leaning on last examples of such events. Drijfhout and Sevelle's her work was checked, having counted how the climate in the last half of century changed, and having calculated probability of emergence of various short-term anomalies, including recent waves of a heat and delay of global warming at the beginning of the current century. As have shown these calculations, their model correctly predicted all these phenomena that has allowed scientists to estimate that will occur in the next five years. It has turned out that abnormally high temperatures of air and a water surface characteristic of 2016 and 2017 will remain same throughout all this time. © RIA Novosti Scientist: the heat in the Middle East in 50 years threatens to become ужасающейВ average, temperatures will be above norm approximately on 0,1 degrees Kelvin that considerably will increase the frequency of droughts, the waves of a heat and other weather anomalies connected with globat



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