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The first people have died out because of laziness, scientists - RIA Novosti, say 8/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Aug – RIA Novosti. Orthograde people, the first representatives of our sort, have lost competition to the descendants because of "laziness" – inability to make difficult instruments of labor. The anthropologists who have published article in the PLoS One.© magazine of the Photo write about it: MPK-WTAP Archeologists have found in Kenya the most ancient instruments of labor age of 3,3 million years "Absolutely it is unlikely that these people strongly strained in any occasion. They made instruments of labor of the first stones which they found at the parking that isn't similar on more ancient Homo which were purposefully looking for qualitative raw materials for the tools at all" — Ceri Shipton from the National university of Australia in Canberra tells. As scientists consider, about 3-2,5 million years ago our ancestors have endured the real food revolution upon transition from Australopithecuses to the first Homo. She was followed by noticeable reduction of the sizes of teeth, miniaturization of jaws and reduction of chewing muscles, simplification of intestines and as shows the isotope analysis of teeth, noticeable shifts in a diet. So-called orthograde people (Homo erectus) were the first "product" of this revolution which isn't causing a controversy among scientists – the most ancient "proved" representatives of our sort who have learned to produce rather difficult scrapers I cut also other primitive instruments of labor belonging to so-called "acheulian culture". © Photo: Akhilesh et al. / Scientists have found Nature 2018 in India incredibly ancient "human" tools trudaodny of the riddles surrounding Homo erectus, today there is why they practically didn't change a manner of production of these tools and didn't try to improve them for more than one million years of existence. For comparison, Neanderthal men and kromanyonets have invented several "advanced" techniques of their development for much smaller time at once. Shipton and his colleagues have found simple, but at the same time an extravagant explanation for similar "conservatism" of the first people of Earth, studying the parking of Homo erectus opened about 30 years ago in the central regions of Saudi Arabia, in the town under the name Saffakakh. While the anthropologist tells, Arabian Peninsula has been covered not with deserts, but river valleys and savannas in whose territory there lived the first people who have left the territory of Africa. Saffakakh was one of largest "colonies" of Homo erectus outside "Cradle of Humankind" – in his territory scientists have found about eight thousand artifacts, including huge number of instruments of labor. Having visited this parking, Shipton has paid attention to one interesting regularity. All instruments of labor found in her territory the Arabian anthropologists have been made of andesite, strong and dense rock which is rather heavy for processing. © Photo: Greg Ehlers Scientists have found out that the person is evolutionarily programmed on lenbulyzhnik and other large, but low-quality pieces of andesite as the scientist has noticed, met in a large number in the territory of Saffakakh. It is rather всег



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