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The ex-wife translated Tsepovyaza monthly of 250 thousand rubles, the lawyer - RIA Novosti, has said 11/9/2018

KRASNODAR, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. The ex-wife of the member of Kushchevskaya gang Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz Natalya Strishnya transferred to him to colony on average in 250 thousand rubles monthly, the lawyer Eduard Churguliya has told it. He has added that it is established by court. "When case on cancellation of the marriage contract was considered, the court has begun to hear Natalya, <…> Natalya has submitted both tickets, and all trips, how many times children went, she flew on an appointment, and money was transferred. But 250 thousand rubles are on average. All this is documented" — Churguliya has reported to RIA Novosti. Tsepovyaz serves sentence in the Amur region. Earlier in media there were photos in which the prisoner poses in a prison uniform with the mobile phone in hands, and on a table at him products obviously not from the prison menu: crabs, a shish kebab and a red calves.© RIA Novosti / Tatyana Kuznetsova to Pass into an image bank the Bandit Tsepovyaz is revolted with society of Russia: it has refused to him the krabakhposl of the publication of pictures of SK has organized check which has revealed gross violations of the law: the staff of colony has created special conditions of keeping for Tsepovyaz. Against them criminal case about abuse of authority is brought. Tsepovyaz was placed in ShIZO for violation of a daily routine. At the same time the prisoner's lawyer Murtazov has told Elbrus to RIA Novosti that his client doesn't receive more than a year the help from family, parcels condemned once a month are sent only by the brother. The lawyer also claims that Strishnya put pressure upon Tsepovyaz when signing the marriage contract and as a result left him without any property and means of livelihood. Now ex-spouses have legal proceedings for business.© of the Photo: Canary Islands on plank beds: what criminals receive the VIP-status in тюрьмахГлаваря Kushchevskaya OCG of Sergey Tsapok and have condemned members of his gang for murder of 12 people in the fall of 2010. This crime is considered one of the loudest in modern history of Russia. Tsapok was sentenced to life imprisonment, but he has died of a disease in July, 2014 in the pre-trial detention center where he expected consideration of the complaint to a sentence. Tsepovyaz has received twenty years of imprisonment.



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