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The expert has offered a way of permission of an oil dispute of Russia and Belarus - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — RIA Novosti. Negotiations for permission of a new oil dispute are coming Russia and Belarus in the nearest future, and by experience of last years it is impossible to exclude that compromise will be reached at the expense of the price of the Russian gas again, the leading analyst of National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov on a round table in IIA Russia Today has said. He has reminded that in Russia completion of oil tax maneuver within which gradually, by 2024, export duty at simultaneous increase in a severance tax (MET) will be nullified will begin on January 1, 2019. Thereof both the Russian, and Belarusian oil refineries will buy oil in fact at the world prices, however if for the Russian processors negative excises are entered, then for Belarus such option isn't provided, the expert has specified. On this background the Russian side has brought up a question of restriction of volumes of duty-free supply of oil products to Belarus. As the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, a problem that they can just be re-exported explained, in particular. In this case the Russian budget receives less export duties. In return the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has said that Russia nedoperechislyat to Minsk duties from re-export of 6 million tons of oil what the countries have agreed in April, 2017 года.Москва about and Minsk in April, 2017 have signed the documents which have settled issues in the oil and gas sphere. In particular, Belarus has acquired the right for re-export of 6 million from 24 million tons of the received duty-free Russian oil with transfer of the customs duties in the budget. Besides, Minsk has satisfied 726 million dollars of a debt for delivered gas and has received lower price of gas for 2018 and 2019 — 129 and 127 dollars for one thousand cubic meters respectively. According to Yushkov, theoretically the situation can be settled by introduction of negative excises and for the Belarusian processors of oil, however also the decision "in a binding" to gas supply is possible. "The contract of Gazprom and Belarus comes to an end at the end of 2019. Perhaps, there will be some compromise at the expense of gas industry – in an expedited manner Belarus will pass to the in-Russian prices, the uniform market of gas about which there are arrangements within EEU will be created" — the expert has assumed. According to his calculation if the Belarusian consumers begin to receive gas at the prices of the Smolensk and Bryansk region plus delivery cost, it will be obvious less than 100 dollars for one thousand cubic meters. "If the price is 90 dollars, then at the volume of 18 billion cubic meters (the gas delivered in a year — the edition) it will make economy for Belarus in 740-750 million dollars. Perhaps, at the expense of it some compromise will be reached. We should conduct all these difficult intensive negotiations till 2019, and maybe later" — Yushkov has summed up.



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