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The expert called death Chang Dai Kuanga loss for the relations of the Russian Federation and Vietnam - RIA Novosti, 9/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Sep — RIA Novosti. The death of the president of Vietnam Chang Dai of Kuanga is loss for the Russian-Vietnamese relations, however his death won't exert negative impact on political stability in the republic, the expert of Centre for Strategic research Anton Tsvetov has told RIA Novosti. The president of Vietnam Chang Dai of Kuang has died on Friday on the 62nd year of life. According to local media, the head of state has died as a result of a disease in the central hospital of Hanoi. "It will be loss, including, and for our relations with Vietnam, it was a significant figure in this case. Vietnam in general is positively adjusted in relation to Russia, it is one of friendly to us the countries in Southeast Asia. For Russia he was a comfortable partner in negotiations" — the expert has explained. However death of Kuanga will hardly lead to changes in an internal political situation in Vietnam, Tsvetov believes. "It won't exert strongly negative impact on political stability in Vietnam because there the system of collective leadership and there four key figures which operate the country works: secretary general of the Communist Party, president, prime minister and chairman of National assembly. They are called by "four support". Therefore the president — only one of components of this configuration, though is second most important person in the country and the formal head of state. Country government happens on the collective beginnings, many things will be coordinated in party constitutional bodies, in the Communist Party of Vietnam therefore there is no strong dependence on the specific person" — the interlocutor of the agency has noted. According to him, Chang Dai of Kuang has carried out the most part of the professional activity in bodies of state security. "Before he became a president in 2016, he held a position of the minister of public safety. He presented the power block in the Vietnamese leaders" — Tsvetov has told. At the same time, as the expert has reported, rumors about problems with health Chang Dai of Kuanga went long ago. "But such rumors periodically appear in the Vietnamese Internet community in the relation and other bosses of party of the government. Degree of weight of a disease of the president wasn't known to general public. I think that in the nearest future we will see process of negotiations in a ruling clique of Vietnam, there will be a new candidate. But so far it is hard to say what will be a configuration" — he has concluded.



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