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The ex-commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine has accused Russia of "provoking of revolts" - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. Russia creates the economic pressure upon the Mariupol and Berdyansk seaports to provoke national revolts. It on air of Espresso TV channel was said by the former commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine vice admiral Sergey Gayduk. © Ukraine recognized as AFP 2018/Alexander Khudoteply helplessness in front of Russia in the Azov morepo to his words, Russia "realizes the strategy of chaos" in the Sea of Azov. "We have to understand that in these ports about five thousand people who in case of loss of work can carry out actions of social character work, that is there can be social fluctuations among the population, and here the miscalculation goes in this direction" — Gayduk has explained. The situation is complicated by the fact that Mariupol is near Donbass, the military has added. "Only present, in the east from Mariupol there is "nulevka" where our seaside group which daily has fighting collisions with the opponent is located, and to the west from Mariupol and in Mariupol there are population revolts because they lose work, lose an opportunity to provide the families and so on" — he has noted. © Turchynov has explained to Flickr/U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine need of strengthening of Naval Forces of Ukraine for the Azov moreeto not the first charges to Moscow from retired Ukrainian military. Earlier being deputy chief of the General Staff of AFU Igor Romanenko has said that Russia has developed the plan for "capture" of the southern and east parts of Ukraine. Special concerns to him were caused by the Russian boats located in the Sea of Azov equipped with the Calibre cruise missiles. In reply political scientists and experts have said that Russia has no "sense and need" to carry out military expansion, and the purpose of similar statements — "to be lit in media in hope for some political future". Even earlier the deputy minister of Ukraine for "occupied territories" Georgy Tuka has said that Kiev can oppose to the Russian military fleet in the Sea of Azov only "fig" therefore plans to appeal to the UN Security Council or NATO about a sea convoy. The situation in the Sea of Azov has become aggravated after the Ukrainian frontier guards have detained on March 25 the Crimean vessel "North" under the flag of Russia with ten crew members. All of them are citizens of Russia though Kiev considers them the Ukrainian citizens. Two crew members have managed to return to the Crimea through Belarus, have removed seven from flight to Minsk. To the captain of the vessel violation of an order of entrance on temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from her for the purpose of infliction of harm is incriminated "to the interests of the state", threatens him up to five years of imprisonment.



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