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The EU invests in Central Asia for a long-term outlook - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

BRUSSELS, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The EU believes in the prospects of development of Central Asia and intends to invest in this region for a long-term outlook, the head of department of the European foreign service of Russia, "Eastern Partnership" and Central Asia has said the AFP 2018/Philippe Huguen Devin.© Hatch In the EU have said that are ready for cooperation with Central Aziyeyna to last week the European Commission has published the strategy of the EU on development of interface of Europe and Asia, having offered initiatives for strengthening of ties between regions through compatible transport, power and digital networks. It is specified in strategy that in the closest decades of Asia more than 1,3 trillion euros in a year of investments into infrastructure for maintenance of present growth rates and adaptation to climate change will be required. "We trust in a long-term outlook of the region" — I have said Devin on a round table at the European institute of Asian researches devoted to reforms in Uzbekistan and to cooperation in Central Asia. He has added that the EU invests in the region too "for a long-term outlook". "You know that we have held negotiations on the agreement on expanded partnership and cooperation with Kazakhstan in 2015, we conduct this work with Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, and we are very glad that we will begin negotiations with Uzbekistan soon" — Devin.© RIA Novosti / Alexey has listed Vitvitsky will accept to Pass into an image bank of the EU in 2019 the new strategy of cooperation with the Central Aziyeypo to his words, the EU works, proceeding from "stability in respect of the environment and also tax policy are more whole" because wants to see not "the countries which are excessively burdened with debts", and "to see social stability", "the international standards and transparantny procedures". He has also said that the European Union would like to keep development of the region, "evidently for stability because, we will be honest, it for us the new market". "We increase investment in the region by means of our help, we want to develop interface not only through infrastructure projects, but also through rules, through people that the region could use, for example, such (educational) program as Erasmus" — he has added. According to the developed strategy, the EU intends to develop communications with Asia through priority transport corridors, power cooperation and digital networks, partnership on the basis of the agreed rules and standards allowing to operate better streams of goods, the capitals and services and also through increase in efficiency of use of financial resources for investments.



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