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The employee of Yuzhmash called "plywood" a new Ukrainian missile system - RIA Novosti, 8/16/2018

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti. The employee of Yuzhmash Alexey Vasilenko on the page on Facebook called "fake" plans to show on a military parade on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine in Kiev new rocket комплекс.CC BY 4.0 / Yur_y of the B_ryukov / Cropped image / Unfortunate down. Ukraine has created new "competitor" Russian артиллерииО plans to show on a parade new samples of military equipment, including the operational and tactical Sapsan missile system, the director of the information and consulting company Defense Express Sergey Zgurets has reported earlier. "OTRK Sapsan? There is no such OTRK. Just doesn't exist. Neither in iron, nor in working documentation. And even production under it isn't prepared" — Vasilenko has written, having noted that in reality there is even in the form of a skilled copy and no other missile system developed in Ukraine — "Thunder". © AFP 2018/Sergei Supinsky the Political scientist has commented on plans of Ukraine for the celebration of the Independence Day" Bede that fakes have such sad property — they spread and seize masses" — the author of a post noted, having added that everything that can be shown on a parade in Kiev — "the chassis with the plywood model established on him". The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak has said earlier that on a military parade on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine new samples of arms and the equipment which were received by the Ukrainian army and also the equipment which passes the state tests so far will be shown. The Independence Day of Ukraine is celebrated on August.© 24 by RIA Novosti / Mikhail Markiv to Pass into an image bank "As at the tribe of Moomba-yumba": the Network has criticized Turchynov because of new SAUV 2006 the Security council of Ukraine has signed the contract with the Dnipropetrovsk CB Yuzhnoye for development of the multipurpose rocket operational and tactical Sapsan project. Initially the complex had to come on arms to the Ukrainian army in 2011-2012, however because of insufficient financing it wasn't succeeded to finish development in the planned time. In 2013 the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev has said that department has refused this project because of inefficient use of means of the state budget. In 2016 the president Petro Poroshenko declared assignment for continuation of development of "Sapsan".



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