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The Embassy of Russia in Madrid has called the Spanish press for objectivity - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

MADRID, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Russian Embassy in Spain urges the Spanish media to cover impartially the events connected with latest scandals around the upcoming elections in the USA.CC BY-SA 2.0/Brian Carpani/Wichita PD to the woman who has Given media the report on "the Russian hackers" threatens record srokpovody for the comment there was editorial article in the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia "Microsoft and Russian cyber attacks" where the author writes about new "attacks" of the Russian hackers to the American institutes with the purpose to affect congressional elections which will take place in November. The newspaper notes that similar "the attacks can do harm not only to elections, but also trust of civil society and institutes". Earlier the Microsoft company has stated that "the group which is closely connected with the Russian government", Strontium (Fancy Bear, APT28) created web pages and URL addresses which imitated the websites of the International republican institute into which board of directors six republican senators and the candidate for the American parliament and also Hudson's Institute enter. The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Madrid calls the Spanish journalists for objectivity. "It is sad that the "witch-hunt" which has captured Washington with such speed extends on the world. Everyone decides to participate in her or not –. But we hope that the responsible journalism will adhere to criteria of impartial and objective investigation of the facts" — RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova is said to Pass into comments of diplomatic mission.© in an image bank of media have accused "hackers from Russia" of intervention in affairs of Italiiv embassy pay attention that "responsible for these "attacks" isn't defined yet, but they are already declared "associated with the Kremlin", and remind that in recent years it is not first case when against Russia serious charges without any proofs "with only one purpose are brought – to cause in public "wow - effect". "Such charges repeat so often that the ubiquitous "Russian hackers" have already turned into one of elements of mass culture along with the UFO, secret societies and underwater monsters who declare themselves in virtual space more often, than in the real world. Like fictional aliens, "unknown Russian agents" have the amplest technological capabilities surpassing the most advanced developments of the leading IT companies of people of Earth. Besides, their behavior, it seems, doesn't give in to an explanation from the point of view of human logic: today they work for Trump's republicans, tomorrow – for democrats, etc." — it is said in the comment. Earlier American company Facebook within fight against distribution of unreliable information on the social network has removed a number of pages, connected including with Russia and Iran. According to her, the "Iranian" and "Russian" accounts haven't been connected among themselves, but "used similar tactics, creating networks of accounts to mislead others about the one who are they and that they do".© REUTERS/Peter Nicholls you won't believe: it was made by the Kremlin.



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