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The Embassy of DPRK in Russia has disproved the message about casino in his territory - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Embassy of DPRK in Moscow has disproved messages that the underground casino liquidated last week was in the territory of diplomatic mission.© of RIA Novosti In Moscow have arrested the alleged organizer of network of underground casinos "We categorically disprove these media reports" — have told RIA Novosti in Embassy of DPRK. Earlier the source in law enforcement agencies of the capital has reported to RIA Novosti that one underground casino from among liquidated in Moscow last week was located in the building of Embassy of North Korea in Moscow.© of the Photo: the Convict TV company "Rifey-Perm" for poppy the pensioner couldn't exhaust it from a kitchen garden, has said advokatrany the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia reported about detention more than 100 people within new "gambling matter" in Moscow. The investigation claims that it was succeeded to liquidate one of the largest organized criminal communities which were engaged in the organization of an illegal gaming in Moscow with a monthly turnover in hundreds of millions rubles. According to SK, all illegal activity of 15 game clubs and casino has been stopped, more than 80 searches in office and premises are carried out. According to the investigation, since May, 2016 alleged members of the group under the guise of legal activity of the bookmaker office LLC Panorama working under the signs "Grinbet", "Unionbet", "Vinlayn" illegally held gamblings out of gambling zones with use of the gaming equipment.© of RIA Novosti / Evgeny Novozhenin to Pass into an image bank In Moscow liquidated underground casino in Embassy of DPRK, has declared istochnikpredpolagayemy leaders of OPS lived in prestigious country settlements of the Moscow region, used premium class cars with escort cars. Criminal case is brought about the organization of criminal community and participation in him. Also in one production 12 criminal cases about the organization of illegal gambling activity are consolidated, have specified in SK. The gaming in Russia since July 1, 2009 is forbidden everywhere, except special zones: near Vladivostok, in Altai, near Kaliningrad and on the Azov Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Later the Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the law on creation of gambling zones in Sochi and in the Crimea.



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