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The electoral commission of Macedonia has declared a failure of a referendum on renaming of the country - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

SKOPJE, 1 Oct — RIA Novosti. The referendum on renaming of the country on the contract with Greece has failed, the chairman of the State election commission of Macedonia Oliver Derkoski.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky has said to Pass into an image bank them a little, but they for NATO. As has passed Macedonian референдумПо to data of the commission, a little more than 666 thousand people have participated in a plebiscite that has made 36,91% of the total number of voters. From the voted 91,46% have supported the agreement of Skopje and Athens, have rejected the contract of 6,56%. "The decision on a referendum hasn't been made as haven't voted more than a half registered in the electoral register" — Derkoski has emphasized. At the same time opinion of the head of electoral commission, the supporter of the largest VMRO-DPMNE opposition party, members of the government have ignored. According to the Deputy Prime Minister for the European integration Buyar Osmani, a question of qualification "technical" also doesn't reflect current situation. The Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinsk has noted that the decision on the future of the country was made by the voted citizens, the majority of whom "have supported the European Macedonia". The message of electoral commission about a plebiscite in the next 15 days will be published by the official publisher and delivered to parliament of the country. ​ © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky Pass into an image bank the Parliament of Macedonia can not to approve referendum results, considers istochniksemnadtsaty June the government of Greece has signed with the Republic of Macedonia the contract which solves a long-term dispute on her name and discovers Skopje a way to NATO and the EU: the parties have agreed about renaming of Macedonia into the Republic Northern Macedonia. The question of acceptance of the constitutional changes necessary under the contract with Athens, at any outcome of a referendum will be submitted for consideration of parliament where the party of the prime minister Zoran Zayev will need the majority in 81 of 120 voices for their acceptance. Now the ruling coalition officially has 69 mandates. The referendum has taken place on Sunday, the question for him has been formulated so: Whether "You support the accession to the EU and NATO with adoption of the contract between the Republic of Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic?"



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