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The earth has been sterilized at the end of the Permian Period, geologists - RIA Novosti, have proved 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug – RIA Novosti. Scientists have found chemical traces of what the Perm extinction, the largest accident in the history of Earth, has been caused by destruction of an ozone layer and sterilization of all flora in Siberia. Their conclusions have been presented in the Nature Geoscience.© magazine RIA Novosti / Alexander Lyskin Pereyti in an image bank Emersion of a cloak in Siberia became the reason of the Perm extinction of animals "We have shown that the Siberian lithosphere contained at that time huge deposits of halogens – chlorine, bromine and iodine. All these reserves of gases have been released into the atmosphere during explosions of volcanoes that has actually destroyed an ozone layer and has served as a trigger to start mass extinction" — Michael Broadley from the Manchester university has said (Great Britain). Scientists allocate in the history of life on Earth five largest mass extinctions of types. "Great" Perm extinction when more than 95% of all living beings inhabiting the planet including fancy zveroyashcher, close relatives of ancestors of mammals, and a number of marine animals have disappeared is considered the most considerable. There are certificates that at this time in the atmosphere and oceans the large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane which have sharply changed climate and made Earth extremely hot and droughty have been thrown out. As show researches of the Russian geologists, these emissions came to the surface of the planet in the territory of Eastern Siberia, in the neighborhood of the Putoran plateau and modern Norilsk where there were most powerful outpourings of magma about 252 million years ago. The main riddle of the Perm extinction as Broadley explains, remains that today, how exactly these emissions of volcanoes have been connected with disappearance of almost all flora and fauna. Yet among scientists there is no consensus in this respect. © Victor Leshyk the Perm extinction could be caused by sterilization of all планетыК to an example, part of them considers that extinction has been caused directly by emissions of volcanoes. Others believe that it has been provoked by ecological changes, and the third — attribute this role to nickel which has got to water of the seas and has caused rough blossoming of seaweed. Recently scientists have formulated simpler theory explaining sharpness of this extinction, experimenting on dwarfish pines. They have found out that the disappearance of an ozone layer provoked by emissions of volcanoes had to sterilize completely all flora of Earth and deprive of animals of a food supply for several centuries. Broadley and his colleagues have received the first confirmation of this theory, studying samples of ancient bark of Earth which has "got stuck" in the emissions of a cloak found in the Yakut diamond mines Successful and Naked. They are constructed in the territory of kimberlite tubes which lava streams from depths of a cloak have climbed to the surface of the planet about 360 and 160 million years ago, long before and after the Perm accident. Scientists were interested in what volatiles were present at these examples of breeds. Serious differences in their shares will indicate what gases "have run away" from deep layers of Earth during outpourings of magma and



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