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The director of planetarium has told about a meteor shower of Perseida - RIA Novosti, 8/11/2018

MOSCOW, 11 Aug — RIA Novosti. A meteor shower of Perseida — a gripping, unforgettable show, but to derive pleasure from his contemplation, it is necessary to follow certain rules, the most important — to have patience, has told RIA Novosti the scientific director of the Moscow planetarium Faina of Rublyov.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv to Pass into an image bank Russians will see during week-end the most spectacular звездопадС 11 till August 13 inhabitants of Earth can observe a maximum of the meteor shower Perseid formed by a swarm from Swift-Tuttl's comet. Perseida are famous not only a large number of meteors in a night, but also existence in their structure bright and the beautiful "the falling stars" often leaving a mark after flight. Very bright meteors — race cars, comparable on brightness with the full Moon are quite often observed. "The most important, is necessary a lot of attention and patience because people sometimes consider that Perseida, in general — it is rather simple to look at meteor showers on the sky, and they spill on you as some fireworks" — Rublyova has told. Besides, according to the expert, good weather and also the place, convenient for observation, that there was an open horizon is necessary and there was no flare night the sky. "It is the best of all to do it in the country, at the dacha where rather darkly around where the flat area, any high constructions don't block the horizon" — Rublyova has added. Your browser doesn't support this format of video. According to her, meteor showers occur quite often, but most of them happen in the afternoon when they aren't visible. Some occur when bad weather, for example, Leonida's flow happens in November when in Russia seldom there are favorable conditions for his observation.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank the Astronomer: Crimeans will have ideal conditions for observation of a flow of Perseida "And here Perseida just occur in the most convenient time when warmly when summer, but days become shorter, nights become longer. And therefore to observe Perseida most comfortably" — the director of planetarium has noted. This year, according to Rublyova, it will be possible to observe several tens of meteoric flashes a minute, or to hundred meteoric flashes an hour. But at observations of the night sky it is necessary to consider that some time will be required to learn to identify them. "Often it happens side sight. We see one flash — and we don't manage to realize yet, what is it, and then we already wait. Depending on intensity of a stream, are more often, is more rare" — she has told. Rublyova will also watch Perseida's flow in these days off. She has wished" to all who will want to join observation of this colourful natural phenomenon, good weather, good conditions, it is a lot of attention, a lot of patience "." It can't be forgotten, it is kept in mind", – she has noted. The expert has reminded that it is better to observe a stream with the naked eye as any optical device narrows a viewing angle.



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