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The destroyer of US Navy defiantly passed near the Russian base - RIA Novosti, 06.12.2018

MOSCOW, 6 Dec — RIA Novosti. The American rocket destroyer McCampbell took place on Wednesday in close proximity to Peter the Great Bay in Primorye where there is a base of the Pacific fleet of Russia, reported in US Navy. © Photo: U .S. Navy/David Flewellyn the Expert estimated rapprochement of destroyers of US Navy and China in the South China Sea "McCampbell floated in the neighborhood of Peter the Great Bay to throw down a challenge to excessive sea claims of Russia and to support the rights, freedoms and lawful use of the sea which is at the disposal of the USA and other countries" — Rachelle Makmarr is said in the statement of the representative of the American Pacific fleet. The official representative of US Navy emphasized that Washington does not recognize a claim of Russia for water territories, having said that Moscow applies for areas which much more exceed 12 miles from the Russian coast guaranteed by international law. Peter the Great Bay — the biggest Gulf Sea of Japan at the Russian coast. It is located in the south of Primorsky Krai, between the cape Rotary in the east and the mouth of the river Foggy in the West. On coast of Peter the Great Bay the cities are located: Vladivostok, Nakhodka, the Big Stone, Fokino and also the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean — East. © AP Photo/Andy Wong China accused the USA of intervention in its internal delauss McCampbell there is the 35th destroyer from a series of the planned 84 destroyers URO like "Arly Burke" which construction was approved by the U. S. Congress. It is called in honor of the most productive expert of US Navy of the period of World War II David Makkempbella.Mccampbell equipped with rocket installation of vertical type for start of anti-ship missiles, the starting system of the Tomahawk cruise missiles and torpedo tubes. CC BY-SA 2.0/U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialists 3rd Class Bradley J. The Gee/Released / the Pentagon responded to charges of China of violation sea granitsvtory October the Chinese destroyer passed at "unsafe" distance from the American fighting ship which carried out operation on "ensuring freedom of navigation" near disputed islands in the South China Sea. In reply in Beijing said that the American destroyer self-willedally entered the water area, and the Chinese warship at once took necessary actions: carried out an inspection of accessory of the vessel and made to it prevention immediately to leave waters. China demanded that Washington immediately stopped "provocative actions of Naval Forces in the South China Sea". "The USA under the pretext of "freedom of navigation" breaks the main international standards, poses threat for sovereignty of China and damage of stability in the region" — the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country Hua Chunying said.



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