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The Deputy Prime Minister of Italy has asked not to compare work of the government with soccer - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

ROME, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economic Development of Italy Luigi Di Maio has appealed to the local press to cease to compare work of the coalition government which was formed by his Movement of 5 Stars (M5S) and Liga party, with football opposition. Earlier the government of Italy has managed to avoid the first serious crisis, having agreed about cancellation of terms of limitation period on crimes. The norm which has caused extensive discussion assumes that counting of terms of limitation period of crimes will be frozen after the court verdict of the first instance. Ruling parties consider that it will help to attract to justice of corrupt officials, cases against whom collapsed because of the dragged-out processes earlier. Disagreements between "Movement" and Liga which is headed by other Deputy Prime Minister, the Interior Minister of the country Matteo Salvini concerned terms of introduction of new rules. If D5Z supported their immediate statement, Liga considered that they have to be a part of broader judicial reform and in their current edition shouldn't lead to infinite trials. "As for the relations with Liga, I am very sorry, that every day a part of the Italian press defines the winner in a tour match. Everything is represented how the championship: Salvini or Di Maio wins? But here the speech about whether the country and Italians wins. Therefore I ask the moratorium on this subject of a football game between Liga and "Movement" — Di Maio at a press conference for foreign journalists has said. According to him, the government contract which two political forces had concluded following the results of March elections already became a victory for Italians. Speaking about discrepancies in views with the allies, the leader of D5Z called it "a part of new dialectics". "If we don't agree with each other, we speak about it openly. When you see political discussion between Liga and "Movement", it is sincere. I don't think that similar puts stability of the government under a sight" — Di Maio has told. "I believe in him, including because of force of those attacks which we should suffer" — the Deputy Prime Minister has noted. March elections in Italy haven't defined the obvious winner. Following the results of vote, D5Z became the first set of the country, having secured with support of nearly a third of voters. However the best result was shown by the coalition of right-centrist forces led by Liga party which participants have together received 37% of votes. After long consultations D5Z and Liga have created the coalition government. Two of these political forces in the EU can be considered as populist, anti-system and anti-European.



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