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The death toll in collisions in Tripoli has grown to 115 people - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti. The death toll as a result of collisions in the Libyan Tripoli has increased to 115 people, 560 were wounded, reports the Libyan Al-Wasat portal with reference to the statement of the military of hospital at management for wounded in Tripoli.© to AFP 2018/Mahmud Turkia In Libya power bodies have set ready because of fights at Tripolirany was reported about 66 dead and 187 wounded. "The military hospital at management for wounded in Tripoli declared that all 115 people have died in collisions which have broken out Tripoli on August 26, 560 were wounded" — writes the portal. According to him, among victims there are 383 persons with wounds of heavy and average weight, 177 with insignificant wounds. Collisions between the contradictory armed groups have begun in Tripoli on August 26. Members of the so-called "Seventh infantry brigade" carrying itself to the Ministry of Defence of Libya created by the government of national consent participate in the conflict on the one hand. Practically all fighters of crew are natives of the city of Tarhun in several tens kilometers to the southeast from Tripoli. Fighters from Estragons are resisted by the groups calling themselves "Suar Tripoli" (Tripoli's revolutionaries) who are formally entering into the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the government of national consent. Members "Suar Tripoli" are natives of the Libyan capital. Residential areas of the city during fights are exposed to massive shellings. According to the latest data, over forty people became the victims of collisions. As report Doctors Without Borders, locals and about 8 thousand more refugees and migrants have been locked around the conflict.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into Mogerni's image bank called stability in Libya guarantee of safety in Evropeposle of overthrow and murders in 2011 during armed conflict of the leader of the country Muammar Gaddafi Libya endures the period of an acute crisis. In the country there was a diarchy: in the east the parliament elected on a general election, and in the West sits at the city of Tobruk, the government of national consent created with assistance of the UN and the EU works in the capital of Tripoli. The diarchy and a collapse in a security system in Libya after Gaddafi's overthrow have led to growth of activity of the armed insurgent groups and the terrorist organizations. Because of the absence of centralized the power and uniform army Libya has turned into the center of smuggling and also the transit point of illegal migrants from Africa to Europe.



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