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"The Crimean Titanium" won't be allowed to start without modernization, declared in the State Duma - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

SIMFEROPOL, 8 Sep – RIA Novosti. The Crimean Titanium plant in the north of the Crimea which kislotonakopitel became the reason of chemical emission won't be started without due modernization, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet.© of RIA Novosti / A. Solomonov has reported to RIA Novosti to Pass into an image bank Aksenov called terms of recultivation of a kislotonakopitel of "The Crimean titanium" Kislotonakopitel of Crimean Titanium chemical plant represents an open reservoir which in recent years has considerably shoaled that has led to increase in concentration of the remained acids and evaporation of various chemicals in the atmosphere. The settler was diluted with the water arriving across the North Crimean Canal, however after reunion of the peninsula with Russia Ukraine has blocked supply of the Dnieper water. "The plant won't be started until completely there doesn't take place inventory of technological process of production. For today she doesn't coordinate with any norms, requirements and rules. Before modernization, regarding at least ecological safety, the plant won't be started" — Sheremet who has visited the victim of chemical emission the region has told RIA Novosti. According to him if the owner doesn't find necessary means, then the republic will join in this process.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Malgavko Pereyti in an image bank Aksenov has told about the future of the Crimean Titanium plant after emission of chemicals" there Are different forms of interaction, including public-private partnership. We need this production, it is socially important. These are city-forming the enterprise therefore we are interested that it continued to work, but without danger to local population" — Sheremet has told. The situation with a kislotonakopitel has become aggravated at the end of August when because of emission of pollutant on roofs of houses and leaves of trees of the city of Armyansk and nearby villages the oily raid with a yellow shade was formed. On the fourth of September experts have recorded excess of threshold limit value of sulphurous anhydride in air. The nearby chemical plant "Crimean Titanium" is decided to be stopped for two weeks. It was succeeded to normalize a situation on September 7. The region has returned to a natural background. It was promoted generally by decrease in air temperature and draft which have reduced evaporations from a kislotonakopitel. Besides, neutralization of the soaring sites of a kislotonakopitel by means of limy solution is begun. In more detail about news of the Crimea — on crimea.ria. ru>>



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