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The crew of the vessel "Pomorze" can't return to Russia from the USA - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

WASHINGTON, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kalmykova. The crew of the vessel "Pomorze" can't return from New Orleans (USA) back to Russia due to the lack of visas at replaceable crew, the Russian Foreign Ministry has sent a note to the American Embassy in Moscow on this matter, the consul general in Houston Alexander of Писарев.CC BY 2.0/Richard Fisher/Sunrise over Busan On the vessel "Palladium" detained in South Korea has told RIA Novosti products "the Pomorze Motor ship belonging to JSC Murmansk Shipping Company come to an end is since May, 2018 in port of the city of New Orleans under arrest in connection with nonpayment by the company shipowner of the available debt. By August at 17 people of crew contracts have ended and they want to come back home" — the diplomat has reported. Pisarev has explained that "the company shipowner has prepared replaceable crew", and "all question in receiving for him the American visas". "The MFA of Russia has officially asked the U.S. Embassy to accelerate on August 17 execution of visas to replaceable crew, however they are still not issued" — the consul general.© of AFP 2018/Alexander Khudoteply has noted Russia has urged the USA "to stop excesses" wards in the Azov morepo to his words, the Consulate General "keeps in a continuous communication with the captain of the vessel and renders necessary assistance in the solution of the questions arising at them". Besides, the relevant departments in Moscow are connected to search of solutions of this problem, and first of all — the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. "The situation is complicated by the fact that near the Gulf of Mexico the period of storm and hurricanes begins, in particular in the next days expect deterioration in weather here" — the interlocutor of the agency has added. In close proximity to the city New Orleans can soon fall upon east coast of the USA the tropical storm "Gordon" which, as expected, can amplify till the hurricane. Earlier the head of department a manpower of the Murmansk shipping company Svetlana Shevelyova has reported that during flight of Pomorze two anchors have been lost that also complicates a situation taking into account the approaching storm. Earlier SK of Russia has brought criminal case in connection with a delay to employees of Murmansk Shipping Company of the salary for the sum over 8,7 million rubles, measures for ensuring repayment of debt are taken.



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