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The crew of a corvette "Rattling" has begun to study work of systems of the ship - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

ST.-PETERSBURG, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The crew of a corvette "Rattling" the project 20385 has begun to be installed on the ship, it is said in the statement of shipbuilding plant "Severnaya Verf" (enters into United Shipbuilding Corporation). © RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev to Pass into an image bank Severnaya Verf plans to transfer to the Navy the corvette "Rattling" in it a ship godugotovnost to reception of team together with staff the commission checked. During control check of readiness of a corvette shipbuilders have shown to the commission inhabited, service and sanitary and household premises, the medical block, a galley. Work of systems of ensuring activity of the ship, diesel generators, means of intra ship communication has been shown, the completeness of the order is checked by rescue means. "The crew will be installed on the ship step by step within two weeks. His task – to study work of systems and the equipment, during mooring tests to fulfill interaction in regular and non-staff situations and to be prepared for an exit to trial runs" — it is said in the statement. The corvette "Rattling" the project 20385 is under construction at shipbuilding plant "Severnaya Verf" for Navy of Russia. The project 20385 is developed by TsMKB Almaz. Multi-purpose corvettes of this project are intended for detection and destruction of submarines and surface ships of the opponent, ensuring landing of troops, protection of a coastal zone, escort of other ships. By the ships artillery, missile, anti-submarine, hydroacoustic and radar systems are placed. Thanks to the original architecture and use of composite materials in a combination to special coverings and also which are built in the case by missile armament and antenna posts at corvettes the radar, acoustic and optical visibility is considerably reduced. Corvettes of the project 20385 have the displacement more than 2 thousand tons, length — 104 meters, width — 13 meters, gather course speed to 27 knots. Swimming range — about 4 thousand nautical miles, crew — 99 people. On arms of the ships of this project — the universal Calibre Oil Company missile system, the surface-to-air missile Redoubt missile system, a 100-millimeter artillery cannon of A-190-01, two 30-millimeter automatic anti-aircraft guns of AK-630M, the anti-submarine Package complex. On a corvette the anti-submarine Ka-27PL helicopter (Ka-27PS) can be based.



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