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The court of Myanmar has sentenced two journalists of the Reuters agency to seven years of prison - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The court of Myanmar has found guilty two journalists of the Reuters agency and has sentenced them to seven years of imprisonment, the RIA Novosti Reuters.© agency RIA Novosti Vilner In Myanmar reports have detained two journalists Reyterkak writes the agency, the court has found journalists guilty of violation of the law about the state secret and has sentenced them to imprisonment for a period of seven years. It is noted that "time which is already left by defendants since December 12 will be considered". "Today sad day for Myanmar, journalists of the Reuters Co agency of Wa Lon both To Kya So Oo and for the press everywhere" — the editor-in-chief of the agency Stephen Adler has said. He has added that the government of Myanmar has to "correct a verdict quickly". "To me it is sad for To Wa Lon and To Kya So of Oo and their family, but also for all Myanmar. It deeply disturbs everyone who so persistently battled for freedom of media here" — the ambassador of the USA in Myanmar Scot Marsiyel has said. The sentence was commented also by the ambassador of Great Britain in Myanmar Dan Chugg. "Acting on behalf of the British government, but also on behalf of the members of the EU, we are extremely disappointed with this verdict. The judge, is represented, has ignored proofs and the law of Myanmar" — he has said. The ambassador has noted that "freedom of expression and the principle of the rule of law play a fundamental role in democracy". © RIA Novosti / Fedor Vilner the USA has urged to release the journalists detained in Myanmar Reytersud of Myanmar the Reuters has brought charges to two journalists that they have received classified state documents. The maximum punishment under this article reaches 14 years of imprisonment. Journalists don't admit the guilt. In January journalists have been detained in the largest city of Myanmar Yangon. The police has stopped them in one of the remote districts of the city late at night and has searched. During examination at men have found two military reports and the map of the settlement in the State of Rakhayn where the Myanmar security officers perform operation against fighters from the Rohingya (rokhinye) living there. In this regard employees Reuters are suspected of illegal storage of military documents. One of defendants — the employee of the agency To Wa Lon (Ko Wa Lone) who worked in the Myanmar Times newspaper earlier. He has joined to Reuters in July, 2016. The second defendant, his colleague To Kya So of Oo (Ko Kyaw Soe Oo), according to Frontier Myanmar, helped the agency when covering events with the State of Rakhayn.



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