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The court left under arrest the former head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kuzbass - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

KEMEROVO, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti. The Kemerovo regional court on Friday recognized as lawful arrest extension to the former head of the Head department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in Kuzbass Alexander Mamontov accused of waste and negligence on criminal case about the fire in shopping center "Winter Cherry" the representative of regional court reported to RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrin Pereyti in an image bank of Kommersant called a cause of the fire in Zimnyaya vishnya shopping Center in Kemerovo "the Appeal of the accused Mamontov is left without satisfaction, the judgment of the first instance — without change" — the interlocutor of the agency told. Thus, the regional court upheld the decision of the Central district court of Kemerovo which according to the petition of the investigation prolonged on September 21 to Mamontov the term of detention till December 25. Now in regional court one more meeting at which the similar appeal of the ex-head of department of supervising activity and scheduled maintenance of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Kemerovo, Berezovsky and the Kemerovo district Grigory Terentyev arrested till November.© 25 RIA Novosti / Alexander Kryazhev by Pereyti in an image bank "One helmet for two" is considered began. Why the tragedy of Winter Cherry can повторитьсяПо the versions of the investigation, Mamontov and Terentyev did not plan and did not carry out in 2017-2018 an inspection of observance of requirements of fire safety at operation of JSC Kemerovo Confectionery Plant of shopping center "Winter Cherry" where on March 25 there was a major fire which claimed 60 lives. Waste 1,8 million rubles from the budget of the Kuzbass GUMChS is also incriminated to Mamontov. In total persons involved in criminal case are 12 people. These are owners and managing directors of the building, the security guard, now the former heads of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations and also responsible for input of Shopping Center Zimnyaya vishnya in operation, the fire alarm system and direct suppression of fire on the scene. All of them are arrested.



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