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The court has upheld collecting from Khrunichev's Center for accident of "Proton" - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Supreme Court (SC) of Russia has upheld judicial acts of three subordinate instances which in the claim of Roskosmos have collected from the Center of Khrunichev, the developer and the producer of carrier rockets, 3,2 billion rubles of losses because of accident of "Protona-M" with three GLONASS satellites in 2013 the Photo:/TsENKI/ROSKOSMOS Emergency situations with the Russian spacecrafts in 2014-2018 годахКак follows KTs "Youzhny" from information in a card file of arbitration affairs, Russian Armed Forces has rejected the appeal of the Center of Khrunichev asking to send business for revision in Judicial board on economic disputes. The arbitration of Moscow has established earlier that the manufacturing defect became a cause of accident: employees of the Center of Khrunichev have incorrectly installed sensors of angular speeds on the channel of roving at the second step of the carrier rocket. As the representative of Roskosmos has explained in court, the main part of the claim — more than 2,5 billion rubles — is connected with loss of three GLONASS satellites. Roskosmos also has demanded to collect expenses on start of the carrier rocket from the defendant. The representative of the Center Khrunicheva of the requirement of Roskosmos didn't recognize. According to him, the state corporation hasn't produced the evidence of the fact of causing damage by it and also hasn't proved why it demands to collect such sum. According to the defendant, the rocket has been made within the contract between Khrunichev's Center and Ministry of Defence, and Roskosmos to him, according to the statement of the Center of Khrunichev, has no relation. The representative of the Center Khrunicheva, commenting on the decision of arbitration of Moscow in June, I have reported to RIA Novosti that the enterprise will suggest Roskosmos to conclude the settlement agreement on an order and dates of performance of the judgment that will allow to consider the interests of state corporation as creditor and the enterprise. However, as appears from case papers, the settlement agreement hasn't been concluded. The decision of arbitration of Moscow was confirmed later by the Ninth arbitration Court of Appeal and arbitration court of the Moscow district. The crash of "Protona-M" has happened on July 2, 2013: the carrier rocket with three Glonass-M satellites has deviated a course and has fallen in the territory of Baikonur in the first minute of flight.



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