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The court has granted the application of TV channels for protection of content in "Yandex" - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Moscow City Court has granted the application of TNT TV channels, TV-3, 2h2, Super to "Yandex" and has decided to take preliminary interim measures in respect of illegal distribution of content through search delivery, the press service Gazprom media has reported on Friday. © Roskomnadzor has announced Fotolia/momius strengthening of fight against piracy in internetekrupneyshy Russian media holdings "Gazprom Media", "National Media Group" (NMG) and also Channel One have removed from the homepage of "Yandex" of online broadcast of the TV channels. As have explained RIA Novosti the holding has admitted to Gazprom media, this decision after a number of requests to search engine to block illegal content. However in "Yandex", in turn, have said that didn't receive from the media holdings which have decided to remove online broadcasts of the TV channels from the homepage of search engine, letters on piracy.© RIA Novosti / Thomas Tkhaytsuk Roskomnadzor has removed piracy copies of the movie "Anon" from 169 pages of the websites "TNT TV channels, TV-3, 2h2 and Super have directed the application to the Moscow City Court with the requirement to take preliminary interim measures to the Yandex resource. Search delivery of "Yandex" offers users of the reference to the piracy websites where series "House Arrest", "Off side", the show "Mystical Stories" and animation series "Carefully People of Earth" are illegally placed. The court has granted applications of Gazprom media TV channels and has directed definitions to execution to Roskomnadzor. The regulator will take measures for ensuring protection of copyright of content which is illegally posted on the website" — it is said in the statement. In Roskomnadzor RIA Novosti have reported that will execute the judgment within the anti-counterfeiting legislation. "The judgments come to Roskomnadzor. They are in a processing stage. Roskomnadzor will work within the anti-counterfeiting legislation" — have told in department.© of Fotolia/zhu difeng the Head of Roskomnadzor guaranteed to broadcasters protection against an Internet piratovkak the CEO Gazprom media Dmitry Chernyshenko whose words are cited by the press service, the decision made by court — "an important step towards civilized media consumption" has said. "Search delivery of Yandex "of Yandex. Video" contains a great number of references to piracy video resources where projects of TV channels of holding are placed. Moreover, despite our notices, Yandex continues to violate our copyright" — he has also told. The holding notes that in August, 2018 the number of the blocked websites which illegally extended content of Gazprom media holding "has reached record point" — more than 700 websites, it is nearly 3 times more, than for all 2017. Besides, on demand Gazprom media more than 3,5 million web pages containing piracy copies of content have been removed.



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