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The cost of permits to nurseries of the camp has exceeded 36 thousand rub, experts - RIA Novosti, have noted 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. According to the Online catalog of children's camps and actions with free service of booking ИНКЭМП.РУ, cost of permits to nurseries of the camp following the results of a summer season of 2018 in comparison with last season I have raised. The tendency has an effect not for the first time, the CEO and the co-owner of ИНКЭМП.РУ Elena Ryzhenkova has reported. And dynamics concerning foreign and domestic camps isn't identical. So, if the prices of children's programs of rest in Russian the camp have grown last summer in comparison with 2017 by 1%, then the cost of foreign permits for children was raised for 16%. Where went and how many have spent. Children's summer holiday - 2018 Average cost of permits in Russian the camp following the results of three summer months were 36,6 thousand rub, in foreign the camp – 69,5 thousand rubles. It is interesting that the average duration of change in country camps of the Russian Federation remained at the level of last year. The same indicator on foreign camps has dropped by 1%, having made 15,4 days. In general the statistics reflects rather positive dynamics of development of capacity of system of children's rest. According to the expert, the grown demand for summer holiday in the Russian camps (for 6%) even taking into account decline in demand for rest in foreign camps (for 11%), nevertheless, together shows the natural growth of an indicator of the reserved permits (for 3%). Following the results of a year this indicator is 5% higher in comparison with 2017. At the same time, say, in the Crimea the corresponding demand for summer holiday has dropped by 13% (dynamics of falling hasn't changed in comparison with summer of 2017), and in Krasnodar Krai has grown on 7%.© the Photo: Media campus of MDTs "Artek", Anatoly Podalevsky Chief cook and bottle washer: what has to be modern the vozhatyysamy popular country of rest of the Russian children abroad already several years there is Bulgaria. Besides, "top" had included Turkey (the second place on number of arrivals), Finland, the Czech Republic and Greece. With return of Turkey to number of the vacation spots which are especially loved by Russians demand for children's permits to this country has grown by 10 times. Among tendencies of a vacation season of 2018 there is high dynamics of demand on family, professional orientation and military patriotic the camp. So, demand on family private country the camp has grown in comparison with summer of 2017 by 214%. "All within our service more than one thousand programs of children's rest in Russia and abroad, 37 types of children's camps are submitted. Among them the camp at the sea, sports, creative, thematic, language, sanatorium, a vip-class, family and so on", – Ryzhenkova has told. Other feature of this year – many organizers of children's rest began to include transfer cost in the permit price. The expert has assumed that this tendency could affect the grown price of permits too.



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