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The contract for delivery of the Ministry of Defence Il-112V will be signed in 2019 - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. Production of Il-112V party will begin this year, and the contract for delivery of these military transport planes to Aerospace forces will be signed in the 2019th, the president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yury Slyusar has reported. © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv to Pass into an image bank Why Russia tens of new military transport planes "Now the first Il-112V is in the shop of final assembly, working off of systems is conducted, we plan to start ground tests and airfield working off in the fall. Under the available contract with the Ministry of Defence besides creation of one car within ROC we still have to construct two cars within initial party. And we this year will start production of these planes. And the contract, I think, we will sign next year" — Slyusar in the interview to the Vedomosti newspaper published the day before has told. He has added that on replacement of antonovsky easy transport workers only for the benefit of military hundreds of new cars are necessary and if "is consolidated to look at all other special customers, just enormous niche turns out". "Antonovsky cars anyway in 2025-2026 will begin to depart in tens, they on replacement need new planes. It is that time interval which we have to test the car, to arrange mass production in Voronezh and to begin delivery to operators" — Slyusar has told. According to him, work on this project goes not easy. The president of OAK recognized that the skilled car exceeds the characteristics stated in the tactical specification on weight, however has assured that developers step by step will fulfill all requirements of military for bringing the car to target shape.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank Bombing unloading: as military planes turn in passenger "developmental works of the light plane difficult, they go many years with breaks. It is necessary to specify important nuance. We restore competence of creation of new transport planes from low base. In Soviet period transport planes were generally projected and made in the territory of present Ukraine (CB Antonova) and Uzbekistan (enterprise ТАПОиЧ), perhaps, except for designed in Russia Il-76. In this sense on business we come to a glade, new to ourselves. On replacement with An-24 which is released in a large number and An-26 we also project Il-112" — the president OAK.B April of the current year has explained the Deputy Minister of Defence Yury Borisov holding then a post has told journalists that the Russian Defense Ministry intends to buy more than 100 light Il-112V transport planes. The light Il-112V military transport plane is intended for transportation and air landing up to 5 tons of easy samples of arms and military equipment, freights and staff and also the wide nomenclature of various freights at commercial operation of the plane. In the long term Il-112 will replace not only An-26 which surpasses in transport efficiency twice, but also the plane will compete with the best world transport



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