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The Constantinople patriarch will visit Greece and will discuss a situation in Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

ATHENS, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti, Gennady Melnik. The Constantinople patriarch Varfolomey will visit from September 30 to October 5 Greece, during the meetings the situation with granting autocephaly to Ukraine will be discussed, I have reported to RIA Novosti a source in Fanar where the residence of the patriarch is located. The patriarch will begin a trip with Northern Greece.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Starostenko the Greek metropolitan has urged Varfolomey not to allow split ‍ "During the visit Varfolomey will meet representatives not only church, but also temporal powers. Many meetings with representatives of the government, including with the prime minister and the president of Greece are planned. Natives of Constantinople will organize on October 4 a reception in honor of the patriarch Varfolomey" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. "Among subjects the situation with granting autocephaly to Ukraine will be discussed" — he has told. Though the Hellas orthodox church doesn't state the position in connection with actions of the Constantinople patriarchy for granting autocephaly to Ukraine, disagreement was openly declared already by two metropolitans. The metropolitan Kifirsky and Antikifirsky Serafim has said that actions of the patriarch Varfolomey lead to split of Orthodoxy and has urged him to confess and stop provoking schism. The metropolitan Serafim in the statement has reminded that until recently Constantinople patriarchy recognized only initial Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the leadership of the metropolitan Onufriya, and now Varfolomey "for the personal reasons gives autocephaly to dissenters of Ukraine". The hierarch has reminded Saint John Chrysostom's saying – "the sin of split isn't redeemed even martyr with blood". One of the most influential hierarches of Hellas orthodox church metropolitan Piraeus Serafim has said what in "an awful geopolitical and geostrategic game between NATO and the Russian Federation" around Ukraine can't be used "as the Church tool". In an interview to Kontra TV channel the metropolitan has told that there is only one initial orthodox church in Ukraine under the leadership of the metropolitan Onufriya, and only autocephaly can be provided to her, but she doesn't ask her. About autocephaly ask the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, "who is an uniat", and "how many and that deputies of parliament", the metropolitan Piraeus has told. © RIA Novosti / Sergey Pyatakov to Pass into an image bank of RPTsZ I called attempt of creation of autocephaly in Ukraine the attack on православиеПо to his words, "the church can't be the tool in geopolitical and geostrategic plans and projects in the international system of life and coexistence of the nations". Serafim has said that the etnofiletizm (submission of Church to national and political interests and ideologies – an editor's note) is heresy and is condemned. He has noted that now try to break spiritual bonds of Russia and Ukraine, to bring the population of Ukraine out of influence of Russia, and the actions for granting autocephaly taken under political pressure are connected with it. The metropolitan Piraeus opposed carrying out Cathedral in Crete earlier and has directed п



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