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The combination of antibodies from HIV has passed the first clinical test - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The prototype of medicine for HIV on the basis of antibodies has passed the first clinical test – he successfully suppressed an infection in an organism of volunteers for four months after refusal of antiretroviral medicines. Results of experiments were are presented in the Nature.© Fotolia/Phonlamaiphoto magazine of the Cow can save mankind from HIV, scientists "say Safe and reliable therapy of HIV on the basis of antibodies will open the mass of new opportunities for carriers of this infection. We have taken a big step towards realization of this dream, having shown that the combination of certain antibodies can suppress an infection throughout long time without development of "invulnerability" a virus" — Antony Fauci, the head of National Institute of an allergy and infectious diseases of the USA in Bethesda has said. Three years ago Marina Caskey and her colleagues from Rockefeller's university in New York (USA) have opened extremely unusual antibody 3BNC117 capable to suppress reproduction at once of several kinds of a human immunodeficiency virus and "to mark" them for destruction with immune system. The secret of action 3BNC117 is that this antibody attacks a key part of a virus – an outgrowth on his cover which clings to "tails" on a surface of immune cages and helps "military unit" of a virus to get into them. It has been allocated by the American scientists from the HIV-positive's organism whose body unusually strongly resisted an infection and well fought against new strains of a virus. Two years ago scientists have carried out the first clinical tests on volunteers which have shown that this antibody can be used for long suppression of an infection. © Physicians have found AFP 2018/Farooq Naeem in the Republic of South Africa the girl whose organism was completely suppressed by Vichuspekh of these experiences has pushed Caskey and her command for a thought that 3BNC117 and one more antibody of a broad spectrum of activity – 10-1074 – can be used for acquisition of almost absolute immunity to HIV. They have successfully checked this idea on several macaques, having infected them with the monkey version of a virus of an immunodeficiency and having right there processed mix of antibodies. Encouraged by similar progress, scientists have started carrying out the first clinical experiences with participation of eight volunteers who have caught HIV about five years ago and regularly taking the antiretroviral drugs. They have agreed to refuse temporarily these drugs and to pass to periodic injections of antibodies. In parallel they made similar experiments with participation of seven volunteers who have caught HIV quite recently and not begun to take the antiretroviral drugs yet. In either case biologists regularly took away tests of blood from the wards and watched how concentration of virus particles in their blood changed. If their number began to grow, scientists stopped experiences and transferred volunteers to classical treatment. Similar incidents as Caskey and her colleagues note, were exceptions – actually all volunteers both from the first, and from the second group all successfully resisted action of HIV on an extent



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