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The children's ombudsman understands a situation with murder of the schoolgirl in the Urals - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

YEKATERINBURG, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti, Olga Erachina. The Ombudsman for Children in Sverdlovsk region Igor Morokov intends to request the commission on affairs of minors about what work was carried out with the 17-year-old schoolgirl who was found killed. © Photo: it is provided by Alexey Scherbakov's friends "I was quiet and peaceful": in the Urals the 20-year-old guy has killed and has burned школьницуКак was reported, the burned body of the girl was found on the garden site in the Ural urban-type settlement of Sosva in the past weekend. The suspect was already detained, have brought charge and for the next two months sent to the pre-trial detention center. According to locals, the 20-year-old young man of the girl is accused of murder. They have told that in the course of a showdown between young people the quarrel has broken out. As a result the young man has strangled the schoolgirl then he has decided to get rid of a body, residents of the settlement say. In SUSK Russian Federation across Sverdlovsk region don't comment on this information. Marina Molchanova, the director of local school No. 4, where the girl studied, reported to RIA Novosti that the girl to the seventh class received good marks, but then has begun to skip classes, remained twice for the second year. The girlfriend who has died have reported that a few years ago the schoolgirl has conceived a liking for alcohol, I smoked. "I so understand that there the investigation department of Investigative Committee works now. It is clear, that we will react to all this business. First of all, we will communicate with the commission on affairs of minors and protection of their rights because the little girl had problems recently. But it, besides, according to a tape (media). Here in a word it is possible to tell – crime. Big. Terrible. We will understand" — Morokov.© has told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the Photo: it is provided by relatives of the dead the Tobolsk meat grinder: who will be responsible for cruel murder 24-year-old сибирякаПо to data of the ombudsman, the family in which there lived a girl — having many children, incomplete, mother raises children one. Morokov intends to find out how the girl has appeared in the company of the defendant what was her circle of contacts. He has added that now it is important to ensure normal functioning of law enforcement agencies which will understand the event. "And there it is already very silent, quietly we will come and we will look" — the ombudsman has emphasized.



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