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The chief rabbi of Russia has explained the statement for deliveries of S-300 to Syria - RIA Novosti, 10/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Oct – RIA Novosti, Olga Lipich. The chief rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar has explained the critical statement in an interview to the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" about deliveries of the Russian S-300 to Syria with reasons about "the additional tension" in the region and alarm for "mutual trust" between Russia and Israel. Earlier he has said in an interview to the Israeli edition "Haaretz" that he considers the decision of Moscow on delivery of the S-300 complexes to Syria "a mistake which will only add problems in the region". "Accident in which the Russian military personnel has died is the awful tragedy which has caused grief and sympathy in us as well as millions of other people. But the additional tension which has arisen in the region aggravates this tragedy. I also meant it, speaking about deliveries of surface-to-air missile systems to Syria" — Lazar has told RIA Novosti on Monday. The rabbi has noted that he "not the military expert and not the politician to argue on military-political consequences of such decision". "But loss of so important value as mutual trust and cooperation between the countries in different areas, of course, can't but cause in me alarm and a regret" — Lazar has explained. He has hoped that "the fast meeting between the President of Russia and the prime minister of Israel will return the previous level of relationship". The main idea which the rabbi wanted to disclose in an interview to the Israeli newspaper according to him, came down to the fact that the Russian-Israeli relations thanks to considerable efforts on both sides have reached in recent years "extremely high level of confidence" in a set of spheres — from cultural and educational projects before interaction in counteraction to terrorism. "Subjects it is heavier to see how there are threats to this mutually advantageous process" — Lazar has added. The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu has announced on September 24 measures for increase in safety of the Russian military personnel in Syria in response to the crash Il-20, responsibility for which Russia has conferred on Israel. The minister has noted that Russia in 2013 at the request of Israel has suspended deliveries of S-300 of Syria, but now the situation has changed, and not because of Russia. Last week Shoygu has reported about implementation of delivery to Syria of S-300 and other equipment. According to him, four launchers and other equipment have been put, it is planned to train the Syrian military in work with her in three months. Development of the situation — in a special project of RIA Novosti "The war in Syria">>



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