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"The charter is obviously violated": what could lead to death of the police officer in the subway - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. From school I dreamed to work in police, perfectly I studied and very much I liked to sing — so friends speak of the 23-year-old employee of security guard and patrol service Andrey Rayskom killed in the Moscow subway this night. Investigators understand circumstances of an incident now. The suspect is already detained and gives evidences. Experts are sure: the tragedy wouldn't happen if during verification of documents of the police officer the workmate secured. According to preliminary data, about midnight at the Kursk metro station the employee of security guard and patrol service Andrey Raysky has approached one of passengers to check documents. That has asked to take away him in an office toilet where has hit the police officer on a face, has snatched out at him from a holster a government-issue gun and has shot at the head. Raysky has died on the spot of the Photo Nurbagandov's Murder — a call of all police is provided by Magomed Nurbagandov's colleagues: as the legal adviser became a hero "the Incident it was possible to avoid if police officers there were two. Under the charter at night days, namely from 22:00 till 06:00, and has to be — the chairman of coordination council of the Moscow labor union of police Mikhail Pashkin explains RIA Novosti. — Even if the employee of PPS is physically well trained, on him can unexpectedly attack and take away a service weapon. And here for two the misfortune is much more difficult because the workmate will open fire". According to him, murders of police officers in the subway happen extremely seldom, and the management of division in which the dead served has to bear responsibility for it. "It seems to me, this passenger purposefully went for crime, it is possible to take control of a gun" — Pashkin summarizes. Right after murder in Moscow announced the plan "Interception". The suspect was detained without delay in several hours. Field investigators were helped by records from the surveillance cameras mounted in the subway. On shots with "Kursk" it is clearly visible how soon after crime the man in a light cap talks to the cleaner, violently gesticulates and points by her to the utility room located at the beginning of the platform. The woman having probably seen the police officer's body, runs for help, and the suspicious passenger gets on the suitable train and leaves. As has reported to RIA Novosti a source in law enforcement agencies, the suspect — the resident of Orenburg. I didn't come into the view of law enforcement authorities earlier, has no criminal records. About motives of crime it isn't reported yet. GSU ICR across Moscow has brought criminal case under article 317 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Infringement of life of the law enforcement officer". The maximum punishment — lifelong imprisonment. The detainee denies the fault. He has told field investigators that he killed nobody, and has escaped because he was frightened of firing sounds. Now investigators continue to work with him. "Andrey wanted to work in police from school — Raysky's classmate Alexander tells RIA Novosti. — Having learned that secondary vocational education for this purpose is necessary, right after army I have gone in railway tekhn



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