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The Central Bank has missed difficulties of large banks, consider in Fitch - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. The "clearing" of the banking sector which is carried out by the Bank of Russia has brought both pluses, and minuses, it has fixed a problem of additional, illegal capital outflow, but at the same time took place not since that end, the senior director of analytical group on the financial organizations has told RIA Novosti and the leading analyst on the Russian banking sector in the international rating agency Fitch Alexander Danilov.© of Depositphotos/gregorylee Head of the FAS has criticized the Russian economy "As for "clearing" of the sector — there are many positive moments, there is for what the Central Bank can be criticized. The positive moment — that clearing has allowed to remove substantially from the sector those banks which were engaged in any illegal activity, in particular, in money laundering, a conclusion illegal money abroad. Thus, the Central Bank has solved one of the main problems not that for the banking sector, and for the country in general — illegal capital outflow from the country" — he has reported. According to Danilov, from 2005 to 2012-2013 Russia was left by about 25-30 billion dollars annually. "It is so-called doubtful operations of the banking sector. Since that moment as the Central Bank was engaged in cleaning, this figure has begun to decrease, and now it is less than one billion dollars. Thus, these dollars don't leave the country, and remain, and it increase our stability in general financial, especially against the background of external shocks. That is, this great achievement" — the expert considers. "As for criticism — this issue not without costs as we know, and costs these big has been resolved. In particular, a problem that when the Central Bank has begun "cleaning", they (representatives of the regulator — an edition) have gone from below up, that is, from small banks began to rise above. And while they did it, they have missed problems which were saved at large players — "Opening", B&N Bank, Promsvyazbank — which were wrecked this year, and the Central Bank has been forced to save them" — Danilov.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov believes to Pass into an image bank In Fitch called five main risks for the Russian banking sector" If they have begun from top to down, perhaps, the problem would manage to be avoided. For it it is possible to criticize. On the other hand, the problem has no fundamental character, it operated, the Central Bank solves it" — he has added. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina in May has said that the Bank of Russia has finished the main part of work on clarification of the banking sector of the Russian Federation, completely it will be finished within two-three years. From the moment of Nabiullina's arrival to a position of the head of the Central Bank in the middle of 2013 the regulator has begun active "clearing" of the banking sector with the Russian Federation from unfair and weak players. In total for this period of the Central Bank I have revoked the licenses almost from 400 banks. At the same time the number of revocations of licenses over the years decreases. So, in 2016 93 Russian banks, in 2017 — 47 have lost licenses.



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