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The CEC will help to carry out "correction of mistakes" to Kemerovo - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Russian CEC at the moment works in the Kemerovo region, helping local election commissions to carry out "correction of mistakes" following the results of last elections, in line St. Petersburg, the head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov has said Russia in the future will come to Pass into an image bank to an internet voting, consider in ЦИКНа a meeting of the CEC on Wednesday Pamfilova has thanked the deputy Nikolay Bulayev who became the initiator of introduction of such practice — together with the staff of profile management of the CEC has worked the scheme of work in regions. "At us similar has passed in the Moscow region very successfully, such careful work, practical training. At us goes now taking into account that there was not a really safe situation in the Kemerovo region. As you know for this reason there the chairman (regional election commission) was replaced" — Pamfilova has told. She has specified that now in the Kemerovo region there is a secretary of the Central Electoral Commission Maya Grishina together with employees of the office of department that in the same way "to hold a serious blamestorming session and mistakes" with local, territorial electoral commissions.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov "Without hayp": the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation has told about preparation for the uniform voting day "the Same is planned in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, the new chairman had had there urgent family circumstances why so suddenly he had to take a vacation unplanned. Of course, it is our plans has a little corrected. But I believe that as soon as he returns from a vacation, all this will take place" — Pamfilova has told. She has emphasized that in St. Petersburg not check, namely "correction of mistakes", taking into account all those materials which are following the results of already carried out inspections are necessary. The materials about possible violations which are available for the CEC are already transferred to law enforcement agencies, the head of department has specified. She has added that Bulayev supervising interaction with this region already prepares such departure to St. Petersburg, "to carry out big, serious study, with analysis of all mistakes, with an illustration of what was that shouldn't be done and why"; it, according to her, will be "purposeful, address departure" for prevention and prevention from now on what was during the last campaigns. "I believe that on this principle we will direct such landings … Moreover, we with a number of experts have revealed still some elements on four sites, all necessary measures will be taken — chairmen of the commissions are replaced. That is this process of improvement and removal of an electoral system on new level continues and will gain steam" — Pamfilova has assured.



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