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The British scientists have found out how their compatriots - RIA Novosti, drink 8/23/2018 much

MOSCOW, 23 Aug – RIA Novosti. Deep drunkards and inveterate alcoholics drink more than 68% of the alcoholic products manufactured in Great Britain, bringing more than a third of profit to producers of similar drinks. The physicians who have published article in the Addiction.© Fotolia/ magazine Scientists have come to such conclusion have found out what turns the person into the alcoholic "If residents of Britain didn't exceed the norms established by public health services then the prices of beer in bars and wine in supermarkets should be raised by three-five times that producers of alcohol haven't lost in revenue. All this says that they not especially seek to support "moderate" levels of the consumption of alcohol" — Colin Angus from the Sheffield university has said (Great Britain). In recent years scientists have found a set of hints that alcohol not only destroys a liver and causes heavy psychological and physiological dependence, but also contributes to the development of cancer, diabetes and set of other serious illnesses. Similar new negative lines have been open also at tobacco. According to WHO statistics, alcoholism and smoking carry away every year about 3,5 and 5 million lives that is comparable to number of the victims of road accidents and some forms of cancer. Today many narcologists actively urge the governments of all countries to equate alcohol and cigarettes and heavy drugs and to forbid their use and a turn as they claim not less lives, than heroin or other opiates. All producers of beer, wine and hard liquors, as Angus notes, often say that they support "moderate" alcohol intake and sharply are negative to hard drinkings and alcoholism. The British scientists have checked whether so it actually, having analysed how a lot of their production is bought by the "ordinary people" and deep drunkards who aren't leaving hard drinkings for months.© of Fotolia/pressmaster Scientists have found a biological explanation zapoyny пьянствуДля it scientists have collected statistics on alcohol sales volumes in bars and supermarkets and have interviewed several thousands of drinking residents of Britain. They were interested not only volumes of the taken alcohol and its type, but also where they preferred to take drinks and what prices suited them. Having compared this information with sales volumes, scientists have calculated alcohol shares which have both groups of fans of alcohol. As it has appeared, alcoholics, despite an overwhelming superiority in strength of "ordinary people", drank the lion's share of alcohol — about 68% of total sales of alcohol were the share of them. They preferred to buy alcohol in supermarkets and wine and vodka shops, but not in bars, providing them up to 80% of revenue. Among drunkards as Angus notes, there were "champions" — the most drinking British, 4% of the total number of the population of the country, drank more than 25% of the produced alcohol. If they have refused the addiction, then the revenue of producers of these drinks would drop almost by 40%. © Photo: Scientists have found out Linkoeping University/Pia Molin why for alcohol



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