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The British scientists have counted as many persons are remembered by the person - RIA Novosti, 10/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Oct – RIA Novosti. The person on average remembers about five thousand persons and freely distinguishes them in case to show him any photo of one of their owners. It says about extremely high role of persons in life and evolution of our ancestors, scientists in article published in the Royal Society Proceedings B.© magazine of the Photo say: Science/AAAS Public wasps recognize "face" fellows, scientists "have found out What is interesting, the dispersion in individual values was very big – a part of people remembered only one thousand persons whereas for others their number was close to a mark of 10 thousand. These distinctions can be connected both with features in work of a brain, and with in what environment – city or rural – our participants of experiences grew" — Rob Jenkins from York (Great Britain) university has said. Rather long time scientists considered that the ability to distinguish faces was unique line of the person and our closest relatives, such as chimpanzee. In the last decades it has become clear that it far not so – similar ability also dogs, horses, many birds and even invertebrate beings, such as wasps have. This opening has set biologists thinking that expressive faces and ability to distinguish them could play an important role in evolution of our ancestors and life of all other social animals living in big groups. © Photo: Persons not worse than people are able to distinguish Emory University/Gregory Berns of the Dog, have found out ученыеДженкинс and his colleagues have approached studying of this feature of the person and other "collectivist" types of living beings from a little unexpected side – they have measured how the typical inhabitant can remember many persons. In the past, such experiments were already made for wasps and other social animals. They have shown that the typical number of the remembered persons was approximately equal to how many individuals usually are present at their group. Jenkins and his colleagues have checked whether it is characteristic and of the people living in small groups before emergence of a civilization and the first cities that has occurred relatively recently by the standards of evolution. For this purpose scientists have brought together group of 25 students volunteers and have suggested them to play a simple game – they had to recognize the maximum number of photos of celebrities and describe the faces of their acquaintances, relatives and just people whom they faced for all the time of the life. © Fotolia/countrypixel Scientists have found out that horses are able "to tell" by means of "gestures" This experiment has shown that volunteers have remembered how several hundreds of their acquaintances look, and have successfully distinguished faces about a third of politicians, stars of show business and other celebrities whose photos to them were shown by scientists. On average, each participant remembered about five thousand persons though the dispersion in values between them was very high. The similar result as Jenkins notes, says that the number of the remembered persons not necessarily reflects the typical sizes of groups of public animals and that experience and the social environment can play an important role



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