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The bridge to Sakhalin was in the main development plan for infrastructure - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti. Building of transition from the mainland of the Russian Federation to Sakhalin is included in the development plan for the main infrastructure, but is planned at additional financial security, confirmation of expected cargo base and financing from non-budgetary sources, follows from the government of the document.© Depositphotos/VladimirE of media published on the website: the Russian Railway suggested to build the bridge to Sakhalin at the expense of private investorovkabmin on Thursday published the order of September 30, 2018 about the statement of a comprehensive plan of modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure until 2024. The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Evgeny Dietrich reported, commenting on the document that the bridge to Sakhalin is present at the plan, but funds for its construction are not defined yet." (Will be — an edition) construction of the railway line Selikhin-Nysh with transition of Nevelskoy Strait is carried out … Realization of an action is planned at additional financial security and also on condition of confirmation of expected cargo base and financing from non-budgetary sources" — it is said in the plan. Providing railway infrastructure for freight transportation in the message with the island of Sakhalin in volume up to 36,9 million tons per year has to become result of creation of transition. 2019-2024 of the Photo appear terms of realization: Furgal supported by LDPR construction of the bridge about construction of a stationary crossing to Sakhalin repeatedly rose by Sakhalinvopros from the middle of the 20th century. The project of a tunnel between Sakhalin and continent thought still in the fifties last century, but then to realize it it did not turn out. In 2007 the question of connection of coast by the bridge or a tunnel was lifted again. In June, 2018 the Russian President Vladimir Putin noted importance of transition for inhabitants of Sakhalin, and in September specified that implementation of the project essentially will realize the potential of ports of the island, but it is necessary to understand the volume of transportations. The representative of the Russian Railway reported to RIA Novosti in September that parameters of building of transition to Sakhalin undergo completion. According to him, the project of the railway line Selikhin-Nysh with the bridge crossing of Nevelskoy Strait is coordinated to the project of development of East ground of network of the railroads after which implementation on BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway in 2025 it will be possible to transport up to 195 million tons of coal a year in the direction of ports of the Far East. At such approach return on investment of the Russian Railway can be reached in 26 years of operation, added to the company.© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Reutov to Pass into an image bank the Participant of the WEF: Sakhalin-Japan Bridge will lead to growth of the industry and туризмаПо to data of the Russian Railway, up to 30 million tons of coal from the total amount of transportations it will be possible to transport in the direction of the ports of Sakhalin. Ports of the island will become an alternative to ports on the mainland as carrying abilities of approaches to ports of the continent even after realization of all actions for their development will be filled almost to a limit of opportunities. At the same time, noted in the company, the main consignors прогнозируетс



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