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The bell tower of the Buddhist temple has collapsed in Thailand, one person has died - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

BANGKOK, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The fifteen-meter bell tower of the bicentennial Buddhist temple in Bangkok has collapsed during restoration works, having pressed down twelve workers, one of whom has died, and the others 11 were traumatized, the Internet version of the Khao Sot newspaper reports on Wednesday. Incident has occurred on Tuesday in the temple Vat Pkhaya Tkham in the western part of Bangkok, one of historical districts of the city. The bell tower of the temple built at the beginning of the 19th century since May of this year was on restoration. On Tuesday 20 workers have started performance of operation on a raising of the base and alignment of a 15-meter tower which has begun to plunge into the earth in recent years. The task consisted in raising a tower and to strengthen the base. Suddenly the tower of the bell tower has tilted and has fallen upon people, reports the edition. Eleven workers among whom there were several women were wounded. They have been forced to spend about three hours under bell tower fragments while rescuers managed to take them and to send to hospital. Three from eleven have suffered serious injuries. The body of the dead of the worker who has got a fatal craniocereberal trauma was found only in several hours after the tragedy: have started search when the family of the dead has announced to the management of restoration works his disappearance, reports the edition. Upon incident investigation is begun. The head of works whom the police has interrogated the first, has said that a cause of accident could become malfunction of the lifting equipment which was used in work, it is said in the statement. The bell towers which are under construction in Buddhist temples of Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia represent not towers with ladders inside, as in Christian temples, and brick constructions in the form of high steles, without internal rooms and cavities at which top bells settle down. The bell tower which has fallen in Bangkok has also been decorated with two-meter statues of mythical beings.



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