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The authorities of Moscow will continue to be engaged in construction of temples in the city - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti. The authorities of Moscow will continue to be engaged in implementation of the programs connected with construction of temples, the mayor Sergey Sobyanin on Thursday at a meeting of the board of trustees on construction of the temples.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich Pereyti in an image bank In the Moscow City Duma has said have introduced the bill of support of Muscovites 50 years "Everything that we did in previous years are more senior, didn't remain unnoticed, and the good result on elections, of course, in many respects depended also on our collaboration because it is important for inhabitants, the special atmosphere of goodwill and love of our fatherland, our city" — he has told. The mayor has noted that in the city the eighth year successfully is implemented the Two Hundred Temples program, more than 70 temples are built and about 50 are at various stages of construction. At the same time, as Sobyanin has reminded, the city Bogodvid Moskva has undertaken obligations for arrangement of comfortable public space around temples.© of the RIA Novosti / Maxims it is ready to test the first the mechanism of the taxation self-employed "In 2018 works are conducted in 20 temples. I want to assure you that our joint fruitful work will be continued, we also will pay huge attention to recovery of history and monuments from now on and to render assistance in construction of temples" — the mayor has told. He has told that at the beginning of implementation of the program there were many questions and doubts concerning whether "new temples only places for a church service will be or at the same time will become the public and social centers for locals". © RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky to Pass into an image bank Sobyanin has dismissed the deputy head of department of transport at own will "We see that the hope for an active role of new temples in life of the areas begins to come true. The church communities conduct big social work, carry out charity events, help the large families, disabled people and people suffering from dependences" — the city's mayor has told, having added that arrivals also actively join in additional education of children. Sobyanin has reminded that the city besides construction of new temples is engaged also in work on restoration of historical monuments of church architecture. "Into previous years have brought 44 monuments of religious appointment, a half of them according to the program of granting subsidies which we will continue, we have increased it to 400 million rubles" — he has added. The mayor has also told that among already restored monuments there are temples Zaryadya, Kliment's church and others.



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