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The authorities of Moscow and the Vladimir region have approved the program of cooperation - RIA Novosti, 8/26/2018

VLADIMIR, 26 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Government of Moscow and administration of the Vladimir region have approved the new program of cooperation for 2018-2022 in implementation of the agreement between two regions on trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation.© Konstantin Chalabov to Pass into an image bank of the Deputy head of the Vladimir region has told how the VSM project will help a regionudokument the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the governor of the Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova have signed. The ceremony of signing has taken place on Sunday in Vladimir celebrating the birthday in these days off. "Every year more and more tourists come to Vladimir, to the Vladimir region. I see how she dynamically develops. For us it is very important traditional partner. In recent years, after the cooperation agreement has been signed, we have taken a serious step forward — commodity turnover has increased by 85%, and the number of deliveries of food and industrial output to Moscow has increased more than twice" — Sobyanin has told. He has noted that against the background of restrictions of deliveries of food from Europe in 2014-2015 the Vladimir region has increased deliveries of the production to the capital market. "It has filled the Moscow market and Muscovites haven't felt restrictions in the nomenclature and quality of delivery of production" — the Mayor of Moscow has told. "I know Svetlana Yurevna (Orlova) long ago when she still worked in the State Duma, in the Federation Council, and, frankly speaking, I not really assumed that she with such enthusiasm will start working in very difficult, difficult area … Any area can envy such governor" — Sobyanin has told. He has also noted that two regions cooperate not only in the field of economy and development of tourism, but in health care. "For these years thanks to our cooperation we have treated more than 40 thousand residents of Vladimir, and it is hi-tech, difficult medical care. Thanks to it thousands of lives are saved" — the mayor of the capital has emphasized. According to him, the signed document assumes cooperation in the most various spheres — both in economy, and in education, and in health care, and in culture, in tourism. "There is no sphere where we wouldn't build mutually beneficial cooperation" — Sobyanin summarized. Orlova has also noted accumulation of scopes of supply of production of the Vladimir region to Moscow, active cooperation on social problems and also popularity of sights of the region among tourists from Moscow. Moreover, during the summer period in the Vladimir region hundreds of thousands of summer residents from Moscow have a rest. "For us Moscow is not just the partner, these are the huge markets, the prospects of development" — the governor has emphasized.



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