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The authorities of Iraq have entered a curfew in Basra - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

Disorders in Basra. Archival photo
CAIRO, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. Security forces of the Iraqi Basra captured by multi-day disorders announced about introduction in the city of a curfew about 16:00 Saturdays local time (coincides with Moscow), reports as-Sumariya TV channel. © AFP 2018/Mehdi Fedouach as a result of protests in Basra have died two человекаЭто not the first attempt of the authorities of Iraq to enter a curfew in Basra to discharge the heated situation. However every evening, despite threats of security officers about arrest for violation of the mode, thousands of angered locals take to the streets and disorders proceed. The Iraqi Basra since Monday is captured by disorders. For these days thousands of protesters demanding from the authorities of improvement of a situation with supply of the city with clear drinking water and electricity carry out the unlimited actions of a protest developing into collisions with security officers.© of AP Photo/Ahmed Alhusseiney In Basra protesters the angered protesters have set fire to one of presidential dvortsovvo Tuesday and Wednesday have set fire to buildings of administration of the province and the city administration. Army parts, it was entrusted to them to bring order to a seaport, during dispersal of protesters used tear gas and firearms. There are dead and wounded during disorders. It is reported also that protesters have blocked work of the largest port of the country Umm-Kasr located near Basra. On Thursday evening protesters in Basra have set fire to offices of the pro-Iranian political parties and movements, and on Friday — the Iranian consulate and one of presidential palaces in the downtown. Also protesters have broken on the territory of the Western Kurna-2 oil field near the city, have beaten police officers, but the staff of the enterprise hasn't suffered. The parliament of Iraq will hold on Saturday an extraordinary meeting in connection with the protests which have again captured the city.



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