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The authorities of Belgium have reported about deficiency of coins of one and two Euro cents - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

BRUSSELS, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. The Ministry of Finance of Belgium has notified the population on deficiency of coins of one and two Euro cents.© of AFP 2018/Anthony Wallace In China sharply the number of orders for the press of foreign currency has grown, write the Smibelgiysky state earlier has refused stamping of copper coins of this face value because of high cost intensity of process. "People have to use the coins for designated purpose, hold their houses there is no sense" — the representative of the Ministry of Finance Florence Angelichi has told journalists. According to her, now on hands at the population of Belgium 1,63 billion coins of one and two Euro cents have accumulated. The representative of the Ministry of Finance has advised those who store coins at home, to pay off with them in shops more actively. Also there is an opportunity to exchange Euro cents for notes in National bank of Belgium. The only restriction at the same time – is required to bring not less than 5 kilograms of coins.© of Sputnik Caracas regards Moscow among potential suppliers of the press the kingdom economy valyutyministerstvo in return already prepares the bill on rounding of the settlement sums at payment of goods in cash. In Belgium since 2014 it is authorized to dealers to round if necessary the sums to five Euro cents, however it hasn't entered practice. According to the research conducted by earlier statistical service Eurobarometer, citizens of the member countries of the European Union entering the eurozone support a conclusion from the address of coins of one and two Euro cents, however are afraid that this step can lead to inflation growth. By data Eurobarometer, in general over the Eurogroup countries the refusal of coins by advantage in one cent is supported by 66% of respondents. Another 60% agree with need of a conclusion from the address of dvukhtsentovik. Most of all supporters of abolition of small coins — in Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg where in favor of it over 80% of respondents have spoken. At the same time, as has shown a research, 65% of respondents believe that disappearance from the address of a trifle to one and two cents will lead to rounding of goods prices, and it, in turn, will affect increase in prices. Members of council of the EU on economy and finance in return declared determination to consider the possibility of refusal of the Eurogroup of production of small Euro cents under a condition if at the national levels between sellers and buyers the agreement on rounding of the prices of consumer goods is reached. Practice of rounding of the prices is successfully used in the Netherlands, and entering the eurozone Finland from the moment of introduction of euro since January 1, 2002 in general has refused use of coins of one and two cents.



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